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Noun1.public lavatory - a toilet that is available to the publicpublic lavatory - a toilet that is available to the public
facility - something designed and created to serve a particular function and to afford a particular convenience or service; "catering facilities"; "toilet facilities"; "educational facilities"
ladies' room, powder room - a woman's restroom in a public (or semipublic) building
latrine - a public toilet in a military area
men's, men's room - a public toilet for men
john, lav, lavatory, privy, toilet, bathroom, can - a room or building equipped with one or more toilets
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" In her statement before the judicial magistrate she revealed that on April 12 after school hours while proceeding to her home with her friend, she entered in a public lavatory near mainchowk Handwara ( town) for answering the call of nature," a police spokesperson said.
It was the first and, sadly, the only time I have heard Beethoven's great work played in a public lavatory, although since then I have been entertained by the music of Miles Davis and our very own Tom Jones while answering the call of nature at motorway service stations.
Laura, 32, said: "I love the originality of living in a toilet." Tracy Woodhouse and partner Graham Peck transformed a seafront public lavatory into a home with magnificent views in Scarborough, North Yorks.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 A public lavatory; 2 Arabic; 3 400m hurdles; 4 The Spanish Civil War; 5 Edward Elgar; 6 Louis Bleriot; 7 Mike Tyson; 8 DASH; 9 Pierre Villeneuve; 10 Sir James Dewar.
But the recent trend towards using the desert as a free-for-all public lavatory for pet dogs is taking it too far.
The tearooms, which also housed the chairs for theatre audiences, fell into disrepair and were demolished along with two public lavatory blocks.
Inconsistent with the fact that Barack Obama's house was built by black slaves and his own father couldn't have urinated in the same public lavatory as a white man until the 60s?
It is a disgrace that there is no public lavatory available in the town centre, for would-be shoppers to use, which can be a particular problem for the elderly and people in bad health.
Now, he has been convicted of sexual activity in a public lavatory after admitting the offence at Newcastle Magistrates' Court.
Held in a spiralling caress of Corten steel plate, this inspired variation on the public lavatory belies its utilitarian programme to become a rustic, sculptural folly on the banks of the Colorado River.
Chip chase, 46, said to have learning difficulties and a mental age of 10, admitted twice breaching his criminal ASBO, which imposes the public lavatory ban, and was jailed for nine months.
A PENSIONER had his pocket picked in a public lavatory in Bedworth town centre.