public opinion poll

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Noun1.public opinion poll - an inquiry into public opinion conducted by interviewing a random sample of people
inquiry, research, enquiry - a search for knowledge; "their pottery deserves more research than it has received"
exit poll - a poll of voters as they leave the voting place; usually taken by news media in order to predict the outcome of an election
straw poll, straw vote - an unofficial vote taken to determine opinion on some issue
اسْتِفْتاء الرأي العام
výzkum veřejného mínění
almenn skoîanakönnun
výskum verejnej mienky
kamu oyu

public opinion poll

nsondaggio d'opinione


(ˈpablik) adjective
of, for, or concerning, the people (of a community or nation) in general. a public library; a public meeting; Public opinion turned against him; The public announcements are on the back page of the newspaper; This information should be made public and not kept secret any longer.
ˈpublicly adverb
puˈblicity (-ˈblisə-) noun
1. advertising. There is a lot of publicity about the dangers of smoking.
2. the state of being widely known. Film stars usually like publicity.
ˈpublicize, ˈpublicise (-saiz) verb
to make widely known; to advertise. We are publicizing a new product.
public holiday
a day on which all (or most) shops, offices and factories are closed for a holiday.
public house (usually abbreviated to pub (pab) )
a house where alcoholic drinks are sold to the public.
public relations (also PR)
the attitude, understanding etc between a firm, government etc and the public.
ˌpublic ˈservice anˌnouncement noun
(especially American) an announcement on television or radio given as a service to the public.
public spirit
a desire to do things for the good of the community.
ˌpublic-ˈspirited adjective
public transport
the bus, tram and train services provided by a state or community for the public.
in public
in front of other people, not in private. They are always quarrelling in public.
the public
people in general. This swimming pool is open to the public every day.
public opinion poll
a way of finding out public opinion by questioning a certain number of people.

the public is singular: The public is entitled to know the facts .
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According to results of the public opinion poll, conducted by the "Psychoproject" research-consulting center, majority
TEHRAN (FNA)- 72 per cent of Americans are approving Russia's initiative for the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons arsenals, as the public opinion poll, conducted by the Gallup Service, said.
These attitudes about public opinion polls were collected as part of a public opinion poll.
The results of the public opinion poll of Barometer Info made public Sunday show that the ministers in charge of the economy are the most unpopular ones.
An American public opinion poll held in six Arab states indicated that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is the most Arab popular leader.
Glenn Reynolds and Oliver Willis--to pick two bloggers who were often in agreement with one another in the fall of 2001--have for the last three years almost always been on the opposite side of every major political controversy, from the administration's reasoning for invading Iraq to the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame down to the relevance of this or that public opinion poll.
The majority of Americans oppose clergy influence on the government, according to a new public opinion poll.
A public opinion poll released Tuesday found that nearly 40 percent of Americans think U.
The Pew Research Center public opinion poll found a steep fall in U.
A public opinion poll conducted by OraclePoll Research indicates a majority of Ontarians are opposed to a provincial proposal to have no upper limits on the size of some clearcuts.
In Israel, a new public opinion poll shows a majority of Israelis say they favor creation of a Palestinian state.
Last year, for example, we did a small public opinion poll among donors to federal candidates (an equal number of Democrats and Republicans), using identical questions to national random sample surveys.

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