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Noun1.public treasury - a treasury for government fundspublic treasury - a treasury for government funds  
exchequer, treasury - the funds of a government or institution or individual
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A tenth part of the whole was set apart for the church, and for pious uses; a portion was next allotted to a sort of public treasury; a part was assigned to the widows and children of those who had fallen, or to be expended in masses for the souls of such as had left no surviving family.
Individual fortunes are usually revealed in France by rentals, by the number of servants, horses, carriages, and luxuries, the costs of which are all to the interest of the public treasury. Houses and what they contain vary comparatively but little, and are not liable to disappear.
These are the things the Government has its evil eye upon, and a happy thing it will be for Italy when they melt away in the public treasury.
"Yes," replied the Public Treasury, "I am familiar with the hauls of legislation."
A PUBLIC Treasury, feeling Two Arms lifting out its contents, exclaimed:
In a meeting she held with representatives form the official media outlets in Amman, the minister said that with regard to smuggling, the government's task is to provide protection measures to ensure competitiveness and eschew the Public Treasury from incurring losses due to smuggling.
Babiker Hamd Ahmed demanded cancellation of the previous polices that prevented the agricultural sector performed its basic role of supplying the public Treasury with hard currency.
'Unlike the period when the ruling party dipped hands into the public treasury to fund political campaigns and elections, APC had to rely on its own resources.
They pleaded guilty to the lesser offenses of fraud against the public treasury and violation of a presidential decree on government auditing rules and failure to render accounts.
According to the decision dated July 23, Syjuco and Lecciones are each fined P10,000 for committing frauds against the public treasury, P1,000 for violating the Government Auditing Code, and P6,000 for failing as accountable officers to render account under the Revised Penal Code.
Former Iloilo congressman Augusto Limcaco Syjuco has been found guilty by the Sandiganbayan First Division of the offenses of Frauds Against Public Treasury, violation of the Auditing Code of the Philippines, and Failure of Accountable Officer to Render Account after he entered into a plea bargaining agreement with the prosecution.

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