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I did receive, however, a small salary from the public fund, for my work as a public-school teacher.
An absurd tag was appended, offering "liberal salary to University or public-school man"; and of a sudden I saw that I should get this thing if I applied for it.
So you are a public-school boy, and a very good school yours is, but you weren't at either University.
Do you suppose that I suppose a public-school boy would apply for a berth like this if something or other hadn't happened?
Thus increasing urban public-school budgets will fail to improve their performance until urban schools are operating under the same incentives as suburban schools.
5 percent of Los Angeles' public-school teachers are sending their own children to private schools, versus only 15.
million public-school children were relegated to a system that was unfairly, inadequately and unconstitutionally funded.
In addition to their unwillingness to exempt public-school transfers from religious instruction and activities, the report found that most nonpublic schools use admission procedures not permitted in public schools:
In Massachusetts, the public-school system has brought on 13 private organizations, including the Whittle Corporation's Edison Project, to design and run 15 new schools.

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