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Past participle: publicised
Gerund: publicising

I publicise
you publicise
he/she/it publicises
we publicise
you publicise
they publicise
I publicised
you publicised
he/she/it publicised
we publicised
you publicised
they publicised
Present Continuous
I am publicising
you are publicising
he/she/it is publicising
we are publicising
you are publicising
they are publicising
Present Perfect
I have publicised
you have publicised
he/she/it has publicised
we have publicised
you have publicised
they have publicised
Past Continuous
I was publicising
you were publicising
he/she/it was publicising
we were publicising
you were publicising
they were publicising
Past Perfect
I had publicised
you had publicised
he/she/it had publicised
we had publicised
you had publicised
they had publicised
I will publicise
you will publicise
he/she/it will publicise
we will publicise
you will publicise
they will publicise
Future Perfect
I will have publicised
you will have publicised
he/she/it will have publicised
we will have publicised
you will have publicised
they will have publicised
Future Continuous
I will be publicising
you will be publicising
he/she/it will be publicising
we will be publicising
you will be publicising
they will be publicising
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been publicising
you have been publicising
he/she/it has been publicising
we have been publicising
you have been publicising
they have been publicising
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been publicising
you will have been publicising
he/she/it will have been publicising
we will have been publicising
you will have been publicising
they will have been publicising
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been publicising
you had been publicising
he/she/it had been publicising
we had been publicising
you had been publicising
they had been publicising
I would publicise
you would publicise
he/she/it would publicise
we would publicise
you would publicise
they would publicise
Past Conditional
I would have publicised
you would have publicised
he/she/it would have publicised
we would have publicised
you would have publicised
they would have publicised
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Verb1.publicise - call attention topublicise - call attention to; "Please don't advertise the fact that he has AIDS"
announce, denote - make known; make an announcement; "She denoted her feelings clearly"
headline - publicize widely or highly, as if with a headline
ballyhoo - advertize noisily or blatantly
2.publicise - make publicpublicise - make public; "She aired her opinions on welfare"
tell - let something be known; "Tell them that you will be late"
hype - publicize in an exaggerated and often misleading manner
bulletin - make public by bulletin
issue, publish, bring out, release, put out - prepare and issue for public distribution or sale; "publish a magazine or newspaper"
disseminate, pass around, circulate, diffuse, broadcast, circularise, circularize, spread, disperse, propagate, distribute - cause to become widely known; "spread information"; "circulate a rumor"; "broadcast the news"
broadcast, air, transmit, beam, send - broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television; "We cannot air this X-rated song"
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يُعْلِن عن، يُشْهِر، يُرَوِّج


(ˈpablik) adjective
of, for, or concerning, the people (of a community or nation) in general. a public library; a public meeting; Public opinion turned against him; The public announcements are on the back page of the newspaper; This information should be made public and not kept secret any longer.
ˈpublicly adverb
puˈblicity (-ˈblisə-) noun
1. advertising. There is a lot of publicity about the dangers of smoking.
2. the state of being widely known. Film stars usually like publicity.
ˈpublicize, ˈpublicise (-saiz) verb
to make widely known; to advertise. We are publicizing a new product.
public holiday
a day on which all (or most) shops, offices and factories are closed for a holiday.
public house (usually abbreviated to pub (pab) )
a house where alcoholic drinks are sold to the public.
public relations (also PR)
the attitude, understanding etc between a firm, government etc and the public.
ˌpublic ˈservice anˌnouncement noun
(especially American) an announcement on television or radio given as a service to the public.
public spirit
a desire to do things for the good of the community.
ˌpublic-ˈspirited adjective
public transport
the bus, tram and train services provided by a state or community for the public.
in public
in front of other people, not in private. They are always quarrelling in public.
the public
people in general. This swimming pool is open to the public every day.
public opinion poll
a way of finding out public opinion by questioning a certain number of people.

the public is singular: The public is entitled to know the facts .
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But Mr Justice Cohen has ordered the man not to publicise the other man's name.
The Federal Board of Revenue should publicise the same through traditional and social media.
And if I want to publicise myself, I have channels like YouTube and Facebook.
He said the PFA should not publicise the apparent violations discovered during the raids.
And he hopes it will be a hit after the band failed to publicise their previous two recordings.
The unusual campaign to publicise Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) was held at the castle, and encouraged people to take selfies at a colourful toilet placed in the square and post them on the Cyprus Crohn's and Colitis Association Facebook page.
Publicise your event for free through OT magazine and online at
North Wales Police, Dyfed-Powys Police and Gwent Police publicise their cases on the UK Missing Persons Bureau website, in the hope of attracting new information from the public.
has reportedly taken to Twitter to publicise his latest 'betting' win- a 75,000-dollar windfall following a men's basketball championship game.
Summary: Muscat: The State Financial and Administrative Audit Institution (SFI) organised a seminar to publicise the ...
The website includes a number of features designed to publicise local and force-wide policing activities as well as provide practical information such as a postcode search to find your nearest police station and opening times.

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