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tr.v. pub·li·cized, pub·li·ciz·ing, pub·li·ciz·es
To give publicity to or draw public attention to: publicized the concert.
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Adj.1.publicized - made known; especially made widely known
suppressed - kept from public knowledge by various means;
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'Kasuhan nila by filing cases na publicized na rin 'yung mga pangalan nila.
KHAIRPUR -- Popat Publication House Khairpur Chairman Qurban Ali Mangi has claimed that Popat Publication printed and publicized 113 books on different subjects up to 2017.
Shireen Mazari said that despite countless deaths due to these discriminating drones, no official list about casualties of children and women among many had ever been compiled, publicized.
While answering the questions of parliamentarians, the deputy prosecutor for supervision of penal institutions, Shayloobek Almambetov, said the operational information should not be publicized and should be checked confidentially according to the law.
The list is going to be publicized on the NTA website or even in newspapers.
Automakers often make adjustments to new models in response to customer feedback, but such repairs are not usually publicized.
Let us first assume that all insurers are forced to publicize information and commit to follow the publicized information.
The rule reads: "Preseason off-campus intrasquad games and preseason publicized off-campus practice activities conducted at a site not normally used by the institution for practice shall be prohibited in all sports."
According to the YLD, Judge Moody has developed and maintained a reputation for sound judicial decisions, "best exemplified by his recent actions in presiding over the trial of accused terrorist Sami Al-Arian in what has been dubbed by the Tampa Tribune as one of the 'most important terrorism trials in the nation.'" The YLD said Judge Moody demonstrated his usual understated approach when handling the highly publicized trial of Al-Arian and three co-defendants, who were accused of helping organize and finance the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
The well publicized slumps in the housing and domestic auto industries are expected to be a drag on the aluminum industry in 2007.
Having adopted these changes to its Form 211 program, the IRS will likely next focus on its Special Agreement Program, a lesser publicized program by which the IRS negotiates contracts with whistleblowers before the whistleblowers provide all their information about alleged underpayments of tax.