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tr.v. pub·li·cized, pub·li·ciz·ing, pub·li·ciz·es
To give publicity to or draw public attention to: publicized the concert.
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Noun1.publicizing - the business of drawing public attention to goods and servicespublicizing - the business of drawing public attention to goods and services
business enterprise, commercial enterprise, business - the activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects; "computers are now widely used in business"
hard sell - forceful and insistent advertising
soft sell - suggestive or persuasive advertising
circularisation, circularization - circulating printed notices as a means of advertising
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It is vital to mention here that Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) has filed a contempt of court petition against Punjab government for not publicizing Justice Baqir Najfi Commission report pertaining to Model town tragedy despite court orders
The suspects were located and arrested by Israel Police and were interrogated on suspicion of attacking, unlawful imprisonment, threats, plotting to commit a crime, publicizing information causing the public to panic and publicizing harmful slander.
BAGHDAD / NINA/ The Foreign Ministry expressed its refusal to the statements made by Turkish Foreign Minister, MevlE-t EcavuE-oy-lu on Iraq, saying those statements ugly means of publicizing the sectarian speech.
Publicizing of the information about possible relationship between prisoners' hunger strike and the resignation of Parliament Speaker Ahmatbek Keldibekov by State Penitentiary Service Chair Shaishenbek Baizakov is inadmissible, members of the parliamentary committee for defense and security came to this conclusion on January 9.
THE NEW AMERICAN is to be commended for reviewing and publicizing DiLorenzo's The Real Lincoln ("An Honest Look at Abe," March 20 issue).
Informing the reader of many necessities, tactics and strategies involved in opening, maintaining, and publicizing a restaurant, Starting A Small Restaurant is an easy-to-use and comprehensive reference replete with every "must-know" detail of opening and operating a new restaurant business.
This document addresses one important state-level approach to assessing-and increasing-the value of public higher education: the setting and publicizing of clear, numerical goals for expanding student access and success.
And publicizing the so-called bad news alerts parents and community members that school officials are aware of problems and fixing them.
Consumer media efforts focused on overall tournament winners and publicizing the ESPN air dates.
We thought they were not worth publicizing,'' Teruaki Masumoto, vice chairman of the federation, said during a meeting with Aomori Vice Gov.