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Noun1.publishing conglomerate - a conglomerate of publishing companies
conglomerate, empire - a group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization
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Among its $33 billion in equity investments and managed assets are the Crunch gym chain, the Benihana Japanese restaurant group and the Tribune publishing conglomerate, owner of the New York Daily News.
Printing & Publishing conglomerate aims to save at least 200 million trees a year by converting EFB into paper pulp
After web publishing conglomerate BuzzMedia bought Spin in July of last year, they promised that although they had no physical publication to their name, they were dedicated to the magazine's legacy, and that, in some to-be-determined form, they would continue to put out a print edition of the magazine.
However, expectations for an improving outlook, the establishment of publishing conglomerate Media Norge ASA and the restructuring potential support a more positive view to the stock, according to DnB Nor.
Source Interlink, the publishing conglomerate, is seeking bankruptcy protection.
(See The International Economy, November/December 1994.) Unfortunately the French investment company Centenaire Blanzy, which held a majority stake in IBCA Group (which later merged into Fitch), could not come to terms with Bertelsmann, Germany's large publishing conglomerate.
If I follow the bidding, Simba (founded by Alan Brigish, whom I knew and respected when I was at the newsletter association) was sold for a figure reported to be "much more than $5 million" to a publishing conglomerate.
The new surveys, we've been told, will be for a gigantic publishing conglomerate from Germany.
In January 2001, a $165 billion merger joined America Online (AOL), the world's largest Internet service provider, with Time Warner, creating history's largest news, entertainment, and publishing conglomerate. The key players in the merger were Gerald Levin and W.
But the media and publishing conglomerate stands out most for its commitment to social causes in its homeland.
Barnes' visibility led to other board appointments, including one to a for-profit publishing conglomerate, the McClatchy Co., which owns 24 newspapers in six states.
Shortly before I became Editor of this magazine, our company, Petersen Publishing, was sold to Emap, a British-based multinational publishing conglomerate. In order to deal with the varied cultural differences from country to country, Emap has created a very decentralized management structure.

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