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Noun1.publishing empire - a conglomerate of publishing companies
conglomerate, empire - a group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization
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But he was a self-effacing man and would rather have given the credit to Hill, the group chairman, who built up the Heinemann publishing empire. Always with a pipe in his mouth, he reminded me of Sherlock Holmes playing the role of Watson.
His work spawned the family's publishing empire in health-related topics, and included the Rodale Institute, an organic research farm in Kutztown.
From shocking the world with her memoirs, to creating a thriving publishing empire, as well as speaking and teaching at some of the nation's top colleges and universities around the country including Dillard University and several California State University campuses, she has been a walking manifestation of female autonomy and empowerment since 2005, and today, serves as an example of strength and growth to the women who enter her program.
Everything from making records with the guitarist from REM (Gary Lightbody), co-writing some of the most popular songs of all time - eg Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' (Johnny Mc Daid), releasing a rock album and DJing round Belfast (Nathan Connolly) and helping build a publishing empire (Jonny Quinn).
The Post chooses to foreground the role of Katherine Graham (Meryl Streep at her finest), the heiress to her father's publishing empire. At the Supreme Court, The Times and The Post have their right to publish affirmed; six of the nine justices support the freedom of the press guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution.
But the property is soon to become a home, rather than HQ to a musical publishing empire.
But the property is soon to become a home, rather than HQ to a musical publishing empire. Permission has been granted to change its use to residential and it is set to become a three-bedroom home with a large basement.
More than seven years ago, the filmmakers behind the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie chose young Zachary Gordon to be their Greg Heffley - the titular, relatable boy of Jeff Kinney's half-billion-dollar Wimpy Kid publishing empire.
Needless to say, Peerless Media is proud to be the steward of this venerable brand that long served as the foundation of the late Norman Cahners' publishing empire, one that helped to shape the direction of all B2B media.
He has grown an international publishing empire that supports Latino leadership.
Nevertheless, a great magazine was created in the halls of the late Robert Petersen's publishing empire and is now celebrating its Silver Anniversary of archery and bowhunt-ing achievements, albeit now based in Harrisburg, Pa., under another huge publisher's banner--InterMedia Outdoors.
Having sold Derwent to Roy Thomson's publishing empire (an ancestor of today's Thomson Reuters), Monty continued happily in charge until his mid-60s.

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