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Noun1.publishing house - a firm in the publishing businesspublishing house - a firm in the publishing business  
business firm, firm, house - the members of a business organization that owns or operates one or more establishments; "he worked for a brokerage house"
newspaper, newspaper publisher, paper - a business firm that publishes newspapers; "Murdoch owns many newspapers"
magazine publisher, magazine - a business firm that publishes magazines; "he works for a magazine"
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It published a weekly in English, and one each in Bohemian and German; also there was a monthly published in Chicago, and a cooperative publishing house, that issued a million and a half of Socialist books and pamphlets every year.
He was self-educated, had taught himself German and French, and at that time was earning a meagre living by translating scientific and philosophical works for a struggling socialist publishing house in Chicago.
Speaking to SANA reporter ,Ghassan Rabea from Rabea Publishing House said that the war, which Syria has been facing, harmed the distribution of the publishing houses; Nevertheless, they resisted difficult conditions and continued working.
The complete archive of letters and documents of French composer and conductor Rene Leibowitz (1913-1972) have been purchased by Tobias Broecker from the publishing house Editions Dynamo.
The publishing house says it wants to focus on digital media in Slovakia.The Novyacute #268as tabloid daily has definitely changed hands.
By ONYANGO OLUALKiarie Kamau gave an insightful overview of the state of the publishing industry in the country (Saturday Nation, May 5, 2018).As the top executive in an iconic regional publishing house, seeing him admit to the pertinent problems that beleaguer this vital industry opened my eyes to the soft underbelly of publishing on one hand, but also made me think of what could be done to salvage the industry.
Summary: Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Jan 18 (ANI): Gulshan Books, a Kashmiri publishing house at Jammu and Kashmir's Nehru Park has found its way into the Limca Book of Records 2018 for its wide collection of 80,000 books.
El-Hag announced the participation of 848 publishing house, of which 144 are participating in the book fair for the first time.
Si bien se habian publicado ya 7 libros--entre ellos los tres tomos de Obras escogidas de Jorge Luis Borges editados por Hainan International Publishing House--, en realidad todos se traducian sin autorizacion hasta la aparicion de Obras completas de Jorge Luis Borges, publicadas por Zhejiang Literature & Art Publishing House en 1999.
More local and international publishers are joining this year's MIBF, including Abiva Publishing House Inc., Accu-Map Inc., Adarna House Inc., Adbox Book Distributor, Airbooks Corp./Britannica online, Alexan Commercial, Alpha Stream Marketing, Anvil Publishing Inc., Asia Pacific Circulation Exponents Inc., Ateneo University Press, Banatay OCW Foundation Inc., Bayard Assumption Media Foundation, Belview Co.
Trustees were appointed to run Kaynak Holding, a group that consists of 23 companies, including the country's largest publishing house. The decision comes less than a month after the seizure of Koza Holding, one of the country's largest publicly listed conglomerates.

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