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Mischievous; impish: a puckish grin; puckish wit.

puck′ish·ly adv.
puck′ish·ness n.
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(ˈpʌk ɪʃ)

adj. (often cap.)
mischievous; impish.
puck′ish•ly, adv.
puck′ish•ness, n.
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Adj.1.puckish - naughtily or annoyingly playfulpuckish - naughtily or annoyingly playful; "teasing and worrying with impish laughter"; "a wicked prank"
playful - full of fun and high spirits; "playful children just let loose from school"
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adjective mischievous, teasing, naughty, sly, playful, whimsical, impish, roguish, frolicsome, ludic (literary), waggish, sportive He had a puckish sense of humour.
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[ˈpʌkɪʃ] ADJmalicioso, juguetón
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adj, puckishly
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The Gunners may rue the puckish humour of the fixture list as they were torn apart by Eden Hazard of Chelsea in their final game of 2018-19, the Europa League final.
Asselin offered sweetness in her puckish interpretation of Amour (Cupid) but it was her lightness of vocal character that channeled a graceful innocence to her characterization of the personified, divine Eros.
Here's another roundup of amusing typos and oddities that I--and two contributors credited at end--spotted in the media, with puckish retorts appended.
Brophy, who would have been 89 on Tuesday, was a puckish and brilliant writer who wrote on a plethora of themes, frequently returning to a triad of [non-translatable text].
Hawking challenged admirers with his fierce atheism, delighted them with a puckish sense of humor that landed him on TV shows like "The Simpsons," and stirred them with a call for space exploration as a matter of practicality a humans would need another home in the event of nuclear war or global contagion.
The 'crazy' humor is intended to make viewers 'forget' that they're getting an (offbeat) science education while being goonily entertained-and the puckish ploy works.
Then there's Pete Peverley as the Puckish narrator, ducking in and out of various guises to keep the story flowing and audience up to speed.
His 65 had little of the retired Brendon McCullum's bullying brilliance but it was a puckish turn.
After three years in the role on Doctor Who (BBC1) - allowing for big gaps between series - Capaldi has only really started coming into his own, although the puckish ghost of former Time Lord Tom Baker has never been too far away in those occasional boggle-eyed outbursts.
The soloist is not the concerto's prime mover but often the commentator, capriciously decorating, elaborating and gilding the orchestral material and Gould's puckish and will-o-the-wisp lightness certainly suited this role.
Backed by the quite brilliant Orchestra Teatro Giuseppe Verdi, which was led by the puckish conductor Eugene Kohn, the king of opera was note perfect with a first half that included classics from Giuseppe Verdi and Umberto Giordana.
His friends finally come through, reminding him of his essentially puckish nature.