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One that puddles iron or clay.
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Noun1.puddler - a worker who turns pig iron into wrought iron by puddling
ironworker - a person who makes articles of iron
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Power tillers are unique equipment that can be used for various applications such as rotary puddler, plow disc, thresher and levelers, among others.
Baxters AFC lost a valuable point in their Division 2 match againstThe Puddler as Bone Connell missed a last minute penatly to equalise.
Discover the story behind the 'Shropshire Giant', a 19th century iron puddler called William 'Billy' Ball who was said to be 5ft 9 and over 40 stone.
Puddling (wet tillage) was done twice in 6-8 cm of standing water using a tractor-mounted puddler followed by planking.
(Olsen 1978, 51) Olsen observed the way the "thwarted lives" of Davis's characters--Hugh Wolfe, the puddler who has an artist's soul and creates sculptures from the refuse of the iron works, and Deb, his cousin, a hunchback who longs for Hugh's love--are reflections of Rebecca Harding's own desire to become a serious artist in a world that has almost no place for a thirty-year-old unmarried woman, even a woman from a family with money and status.
Is prosperity going to double back on itself and bring us social distress?" This was from the Secretary of Labor in 1927, "Puddler" Jim J.
One stand-out character was William Ball, an iron puddler known as the Shropshire Giant who, at 5ft 9in, weighed 40 stone and had to have a special chair made for him.
Meunier sought to dignify industrial labour in monumental paintings and sculptures such as The Puddler (1884/87-88; Fig.
Boys had more career choices than girls and their remarkably varied jobs included tailor, shoemaker, carpenter, solicitor's clerk, puddler, blacksmith, gardener, farmer, baker, French polisher, hairdresser, weaver, stoker and engine fitter's assistant.
His father was a puddler, and there were Bloomers still active in the Black Country iron trade as late as the 1990s.
Fentimans started producing botanical brews in 1905 when Thomas Fentiman, an iron puddler from Cleckheaton, was approached by a fellow tradesman for a loan.
The rings of the Duke were discussed: He had eleven altogether on the two hands yesterday--large massive gold affairs--such as a lucky reefer, or puddler, might wear.