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a. A small pool of water, especially rainwater.
b. A small pool of a liquid.
2. A tempered paste of wet clay and sand that serves as waterproofing when dry.
v. pud·dled, pud·dling, pud·dles
1. To make muddy.
2. To work (clay or sand) into a thick watertight paste.
3. To process (impure metal) by puddling.
To splash or dabble in or as if in a pool of liquid.

[Middle English podel, diminutive of Old English pudd, ditch.]

pud′dly adj.
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You find a place on the banks that is not quite so puddly as other places you have seen, and you land and lug out the tent, and two of you proceed to fix it.
So they tried back slowly and sorrowfully, and found the lane, and went limping down it, plashing in the cold puddly ruts, and beginning to feel how the run had taken it out of them.
In the narrow strip--wider at places--the vegetation is similar to that of the Szentendre Island (willow-poplar groves, smaller broom-willow and alder patches, puddly willows of abandoned construction pits).