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1. Purification of impure metal, especially pig iron, by heating and stirring in an oxidizing atmosphere.
2. Compaction of wet material, such as clay, in order to make a watertight paste.


1. (Metallurgy) a process for converting pig iron into wrought iron by heating it with ferric oxide in a furnace to oxidize the carbon
2. (Building) building trades the process of making a puddle


(ˈpʌd lɪŋ)

the process of melting pig iron in a reverberatory furnace (pud′dling fur`nace) and converting it into wrought iron.
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Puddling (wet tillage) is done to reduce water infiltration and to maintain the standing water in the field, which helps in weed management and facilitates easier transplanting (Sharma and De Datta 1986).
There are, however, some problems associated with puddling in rice, such as deterioration of soil structure and creation of a hardpan (Sharma and De Datta 1986; Thierfelder and Wall 2009), increased methane emissions and hydrogen sulfite formation (Ponnamperuma 1972), and increased bulk density and soil compaction (Kirchhof et ai 2000).
The Farm Equipment Sector of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltdintroduced its technologically advanced Mahindra 575 suitable for puddling functions.
The Mahindra 575 is a clear validation of this focus and offers the highest level of mechanisation for puddling operations ensuring higher productivity for farmers engaged in paddy cultivation.
Due to present scenario of diminishing water resources (both at surface and underground levels), high energy cost, and comparable low paddy prices; establishment of rice crop through puddling and continuous flooding is becoming unaffordable, uneconomical and unsustainable.
Wet cultivation or soil puddling is the common soil preparation technique used for lowland rice production.
Puddling breaks down, smears, and disperses soil aggregates.
We'll inspect all our sites to make sure there's no puddling.
Soil preparation for rice traditionally requires soil puddling.
Soil puddling degrades soil structure and leads to reduced infiltration rates.
With virus cases and public concern mounting, city officials said they are trying to reduce persistent puddling in areas with historic drainage problems by boring holes through the cement to allow water to seep into the soil, grinding down raised asphalt patches and repaving bumpy streets that collect water when residents overwater their lawns or hose down sidewalks.
On Sunday, it only rained for five minutes and the greens were puddling.