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adj. pudg·i·er, pudg·i·est
Somewhat fat; chubby: a pudgy face. See Synonyms at fat.

[From pudge, something thick and short.]

pudg′i·ness n.


adj, pudgier or pudgiest
a variant spelling (esp US) of podgy
[C19: of uncertain origin; compare earlier pudsy plump, perhaps from Scottish pud stomach, plump child]
ˈpudgily adv
ˈpudginess n


(ˈpʌdʒ i)

adj. pudg•i•er, pudg•i•est.
short and fat or thick: an infant's pudgy fingers.
[1830–40; orig. uncertain]
pudg′i•ly, adv.
pudg′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.pudgy - short and plump
fat - having an (over)abundance of flesh; "he hadn't remembered how fat she was"


Well-rounded and full in form:


[ˈpʌdʒi] (US) adj (= podgy) [person, body, cheeks] → potelé(e)
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I grew up on grunge, punk's younger, pudgier cousin, which provided a different and perhaps calmer type of adolescent music therapy.
Like, I've always had, well, growing up I [was] very skinny, but in high school I was probably [a] bit more on the pudgier side.
He's happily married with children and making lots of money, although pudgier. I never got an apology or acknowledgment of those 13 years of hell.
You just have to hope that your stylist doesn't have pudgier fingers than you!
The results revealed that fatness, as measured with facial adiposity, was linked to both antibody response and attractiveness, with pudgier men both having weaker immune systems and being seen as less appealing by the fertile women.
Like their owners, dogs are also getting a little pudgier in the middle, with 37% of clogs being overweight, and consumers are expressing concern, Wehner says.
Being one pudgier guy made 'em tough for me as one kid.