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adj. pudg·i·er, pudg·i·est
Somewhat fat; chubby: a pudgy face. See Synonyms at fat.

[From pudge, something thick and short.]

pudg′i·ness n.
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Noun1.pudginess - the property of having a plump and round bodypudginess - the property of having a plump and round body
embonpoint, plumpness, roundness - the bodily property of being well rounded
قُصْر وَسُمْنَه
òybbinn líkamshluti


(ˈpodʒi) pudgy (ˈpadʒi) adjective
plump; fat.
ˈpodginess, ˈpudginess noun
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If microbes from thin people can jump between animals and prevent pudginess, Gordon asks, "why isn't there an epidemic of leanness?
Yet at the same time, the nature of the medium--please sit your big butt down and don't move till this show is over--is very much at odds with, and related to, our collective pudginess.
At each visit, they also measured pudginess and weight of the infants.
You could have a nose job as there is a bit of pudginess at the top.
The pudginess reminds readers of two things: that Nathan is about to be punished by becoming weak and powerless; and that he richly deserves this punishment for being a bully for so long.