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 (pyo͝or′īl′, pwĕr′-, pyo͞o′ər-, -əl)
1. Immature, especially in being silly or trivial; childish. See Synonyms at young.
2. Archaic Belonging to childhood; juvenile.

[Latin puerīlis, from puer, child, boy; see pau- in Indo-European roots.]

puer·ile·ly adv.
puer′il′i·ty (-ĭl′ĭ-tē), puer′ile·ness (-əl-nĭs, -īl-) n.
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Of the Americans he seemed to he puerilely ignorant.
In short, as Hale points out, the play flows with "kitchen sink realism." At times Williams's dialogue is puerilely trite ("Glory, you don't belong here"), but it can also be terrifyingly poetic: "Death's like a river.