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 (pyo͝or′īl′, pwĕr′-, pyo͞o′ər-, -əl)
1. Immature, especially in being silly or trivial; childish. See Synonyms at young.
2. Archaic Belonging to childhood; juvenile.

[Latin puerīlis, from puer, child, boy; see pau- in Indo-European roots.]

puer·ile·ly adv.
puer′il′i·ty (-ĭl′ĭ-tē), puer′ile·ness (-əl-nĭs, -īl-) n.
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Noun1.puerility - the state of a child between infancy and adolescence
immatureness, immaturity - not having reached maturity
2.puerility - a property characteristic of a child
youngness - the opposite of oldness
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[pjʊəˈrɪlɪtɪ] Npuerilidad f
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But I have rested too long on a doctrine which can be of no use to a Christian writer; for as he cannot introduce into his works any of that heavenly host which make a part of his creed, so it is horrid puerility to search the heathen theology for any of those deities who have been long since dethroned from their immortality.
One tendency appears alike in the philosophical speculation and in the rudest democratical movements, through all the petulance and all the puerility, the wish, namely, to cast aside the superfluous and arrive at short methods; urged, as I suppose, by an intuition that the human spirit is equal to all emergencies, alone, and that man is more often injured than helped by the means he uses.
She was stung by his words into realization of the puerility of her act, and yet she felt that he had magnified it unduly and was consequently resentful.
She showed no displeasure at her tete-a-tete with Giovanelli being interrupted; she could chatter as freshly and freely with two gentlemen as with one; there was always, in her conversation, the same odd mixture of audacity and puerility. Winterbourne remarked to himself that if she was seriously interested in Giovanelli, it was very singular that she should not take more trouble to preserve the sanctity of their interviews; and he liked her the more for her innocent-looking indifference and her apparently inexhaustible good humor.
Amid Nepal's political puerility, foreign policy foresight remains elusive.
Looking at the headline in the letters column "Leave it out Remoaner" I felt a wave of disappointment that, not only has that particular insult been done to death by now, but I always considered that those who trade insults do so because their argument is so weak it needs reinforcement via such puerility.
But none of this rivals the puerility to which Huber Hoffman was subjected.
Aira turns that story into one about a writer of commercial gothic novels who, aware of his work's puerility, stops writing.
Today, nothing exposes the shallowness and puerility of such appointments than the relentless killings of our soldiers and the continued mishandling of information concerning the true state of the fight against insurgency than what we have been experiencing lately.
President Yameen showed political puerility and fickleness after the electoral defeat.
Her show is distinctive as it does away with the usual trend of dancing and puerility, and focuses more on serious social, political and economic issues.
Passages of the well shot exercise (Jay Oza's camera prowls with more cool than the ghoul) in visual puerility are rendered like Hollywood's C-grade prison dramas with big-built jailors and buxom assistants making out in the prison office.