puff out

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Verb1.puff out - to swell or cause to enlarge, "Her faced puffed up from the drugs"; "puffed out chests"
swell up, tumesce, tumefy, intumesce, swell - expand abnormally; "The bellies of the starving children are swelling"
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blása upp, ÿfa
kabar makşiş mek

w>puff out

vt sep
(= expand) chestherausstrecken, herausdrücken; cheeksaufblasen; feathers(auf)plustern; sailblähen
(= emit) air, smokeausstoßen; wordshervorstoßen
(= blow out)auspusten
(inf) always separate (= make out of breath)außer Puste bringen (inf)
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(paf) noun
1. a small blast of air, wind etc; a gust. A puff of wind moved the branches.
2. any of various kinds of soft, round, light or hollow objects. a powder puff; (also adjective) puff sleeves.
1. to blow in small blasts. Stop puffing cigarette smoke into my face!; He puffed at his pipe.
2. to breathe quickly, after running etc. He was puffing as he climbed the stairs.
puffed adjective
short of breath; breathing quickly. I'm puffed after running so fast!
ˈpuffy adjective
swollen, especially unhealthily. a puffy face/ankle.
puff pastry
a light, flaky type of pastry.
puff out
to cause to swell or expand. The bird puffed out its feathers; He puffed out his cheeks.
puff up
to swell. Her eye (was all) puffed up after the wasp stung her.
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Puff out of the very bottom of thy heart, if any heart thou hast, or any bottom to it!
He drags Puff out of nature and seals him in a glass room, where the naked simianoid crouches sadly as a piped-in female voice recites "useful" phrases such as "My apologies, madam; it shan't happen again" and "I'll have a baked potato with that."