puffed rice

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Noun1.puffed rice - puffy rice kernelspuffed rice - puffy rice kernels      
cold cereal, dry cereal - a cereal that is not heated before serving
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It uses starkly contrasting ingre- dients like black salt, Darjeeling tea and seaweed puffed rice. Does the overall experi- ence at the restaurant recreate the magic of the TV show?
Crispy seaweed crackers were paired with a trio of side dishes-shrimp tartare, herring roe and spinach topped with raw egg; tofu was made table-side and served with a salad of clam, squid and vegetables; japchae came with galbi gui in the form of grilled beef ribs; and for dessert, hotteok or Korean sweet pancakes with walnut ice cream and puffed rice.
30g puffed rice cereal METHOD Line a 20cm square tin with greaseproof paper.
Makers Kellogg's have helped create a tasty pint with left-over puffed rice.
" Chicken tandoori with biryani rice and fryums Favorites include chicken tandoori served with biryani rice and fryums, bhelpuri (a puffed rice snack), butter chicken, their selection of dosa (South Indian breakfast pancakes), palak paneer, tandoori hot wings and gulab jamun!
At a cost of around 80 cents, which is funded by the temple, each box contains traditional Bangladeshi iftar items such as puffed rice, boiled and seasoned chickpeas, jilapi (a deep-fried sweet pastry), beguni (deep-fried eggplant) and dal bora (a fried item with smashed lentils and dates).
'Besides, puffed rice tainted with urea, used for a whiter look, is available not only at these stalls but all shops throughout the city," Ruhul Amin said.
The popular Bengali street food loved by people of all age groups was made with puffed rice, onions and green chili.
-butternut squash, apples, chickpeas, cilantro, puffed rice
Rice is used to make food items like rice noodles, rice paper sheets, rice porridge, sticky rice, fried rice, puffed rice snacks and many more.