puffed wheat

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Noun1.puffed wheat - puffy wheat berriespuffed wheat - puffy wheat berries      
cold cereal, dry cereal - a cereal that is not heated before serving
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| SOME cereals can contain a lot of salt, so try eating ones like puffed wheat, wheat biscuits or muesli - all these typically have no salt added.
The agency is urging consumers to avoid Honey Smacks, a sugary puffed wheat cereal which has been the subject of a recall by the company since mid-June.
Its crunchy texture and slightly savory taste of outer wafer shell enhances the unique taste of the Nutella filling, combined with puffed wheat crispies.
For example, he convinced Quaker Oats to change the name of one of their products from Wheat Berries to Puffed Wheat and created the slogan, "The cereal shot from guns" (p.
Traditional oats, pecans, seeds, dates and puffed wheat all add to the taste and texture of this delicious muesli, plus it's topped with gut- healthy yogurt and berries.
4 SOME cereals can contain a of salt, so try eating ones like puffed wheat, wheat biscuits and muesli with no added salt.
Men should eat 6-8 meals in a day depending on exercise and women should eat 5-6 Meal 1 (breakfast) Scrambled eggs (egg whites only) One wholemeal bagel, no butter (or a half bagel if that's enough to fill you) One piece of fruit, or berries Or puffed wheat (sugar free) or shredded wheat cereal (no sugar) with protein drink poured on top instead of milk.
Breakfast in the summer was puffed rice or puffed wheat. In the winter it was poached eggs on toast or hot cereal.
Nut Cluster Crunch from Kellogg brand Bear Naked of La Jolla, Calif., blends hearty flakes and crunchy clusters of nuts, oats and puffed wheat in Honey Almond and Maple Nut varieties.
Advertising executive Albert Lasker, leader of the advertising agency Lord & Thomas, helped develop innovations in the advertising industry such as direct mail advertising and premium coupons, and created enduring brands such as Sunkist, Kleenex, and Puffed Wheat. This biography draws on previously unknown papers of his, and includes a wealth of b&w historical photos and illustrations, color examples of billboards, and magazine advertisements.
As a cook, Jekyll may be a little too fond--for contemporary tastes, at least--of traditional English ingredients like suet and American novelties like puffed wheat and canned corn.