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Adj.1.pug-faced - having the flat wrinkled face of a pug dog
faced - having a face or facing especially of a specified kind or number; often used in combination; "a neatly faced terrace"
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One read: "Little pug-faced woman with a squeaky voice."
"You'd better see Jesse" became a mantra in New Deal Washington, referring to the pug-faced, fast-drawling Houston banker named Jesse Holman Jones.
Now I'm no mind-reader, but I'd hazard a guess that her "unconventionally attractive" woman would, to most other people, be that pug-faced minger who makes Rottweilers cower when they encounter her on the street.
CRIME SHEET: The nation was stunned when Trashley cheated on his sweetheart with pug-faced hairdresser Aimee Walton.
Amid the litany of snarling spats and petulant off-the-ball incidents there were shining moments of skill with Wayne Rooney a central figure, providing a delightful touch to set up Ryan Giggs' equaliser and finishing the half pug-faced, fuming and directing ill chosen remarks at the official.
Indeed, our only audience was Lyderick's pug-faced lapdog Victor, who showed his appreciation for my Shania Twain and Karen Price's Britney Spears by falling asleep on a shelf under the bar.
It has graphics a Game boy would scorn and game play has pug-faced aliens who can't shoot straight.
Rooney, a pug-faced stout young man, is more Oz than Brad Pitt yet he becomes transformed into a thing of beauty once a football is placed in his vicinity.
Pug-faced police inspector Gerardo Castilla will return to sort out crimes but never his personal life in a new season of Boca's primetime drama "El comisario."
SORRY to ruin your breakfast with these shots of pug-faced Big Brother winner Kate Lawler and her delightful pals.