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pug nose

A short nose that is somewhat flattened and turned up at the end.

[From pug, ape (obsolete), pug.]

pug′-nosed′ (-nōzd′) adj.
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Adj.1.pug-nosed - having a blunt nose; "a pug-nosed boy with freckles"; "a snub-nosed automatic"
nosed - having a nose (either literal or metaphoric) especially of a specified kind


[ˈpʌgˈnəʊzd] ADJde nariz chata


[ˌpʌgˈnəʊzd] adjdal naso rincagnato
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We became spies of some sort, listening to our pug-nosed Social Studies teacher brightly say: 'Thank God the Americans came because they improved the color and features of our race.'
The overweight, pug-nosed, dark-skinned, the list could fill up a page.
Crocs have flourished for more than 200,000,000 years, once including a rich diversity of specialized forms from galloping land predators and jumping insect-eaters to pug-nosed herbivores and dolphin-like pelagic hunters.
That leather tote with the ghostly pug-nosed face (an apparent optical illusion copied faithfully enough from the original picture) "could be Yves Saint Laurent, or Prada.
And before you start, I'm not bandwagon-jumping - the knives having been out for, as David Bowie pricelessly put it in that episode of Extras, "The little fat man with the pug-nosed face" for a while now.
The Duke had been nominated once before - for Sands of Iwo Jima (1949) - but was ambushed by a pug-nosed sidewinder named Broderick Crawford in All the King's Men.
Esther's real name is Kristina Piertowski; a pug-nosed blonde, she does not "look Jewish." Her appearance saved her in Europe; it is dangerous in Atlit.
The question I can't answer is if you actually gain anything in carrying-ability by going to this pug-nosed .45.