or pug·a·ree  (pŭg′ə-rē)
A cloth band or scarf wrapped around the crown of a hat or sun helmet.

[Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi pagṛī, turban; compare such unsuffixed forms as Punjabi pagg and Kashmiri pag, turban, all of unknown origin.]
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Trent, in white linen clothes and puggaree, was leaning over the railing, gazing towards the town, when Da Souza came up to him -
According to the standard dictionaries, toka is explained as 'turban; girdle, puggaree; wrapper of cloth.
The soldier sitting on the first aid kit and wearing his possum fur puggaree is CSM Frank Berners Knyvett.
The novel's prose has Lewis's usual proliferation of italics and parentheses, his usual torrent of allusion, his usual startlingly original visual imagery: Humph, wearing a "puggaree" in the desert, looks at Kell-Imrie "from under the blunt pagodaed brim of this Conrad headgear" (210).
[Water Proof] Puggarees, Hat, khaki, with or without colour folds Puttees, khaki, 3 yard Shirts, flannel, silver grey, ordinary Shirts, military, khaki, other ranks.