pugil stick

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pu·gil stick

A long pole with padded ends used in the armed forces to simulate bayonet fighting.

[Latin pugil, pugilist; see peuk- in Indo-European roots + stick.]
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SHADOW - real name Jefferson King - was not a man to mess with but, after destroying contestants with the pugil stick, he was given his marching orders after being caught in the midst of a steroid scandal.
So when the channel threw a reunion for the programme last weekend, fans would have expected the 17-stone hulk to be centre stage with his pugil stick.
But it would have to be truly amazing, such as Gary Barlow enters riding a dinosaur, Kelly and Tulisa smooch on the judges' desk, or Louis Walsh gets a pugil stick (you know, one of those giant cotton bud thingies off Gladiators) and runs amok belting contestants in the head while yelling "Jumanji"-to get this jaded TV pundit watching again.
KATHRYN EVANS reckons taking the baton in her relay handover tonight will be easy - after taking a PUGIL STICK in the ribs on her way to winning Gladiators.
To hell with that, says Zainab, who tonight uses her roller like a pugil stick in a bid to keep Christian away from Syed.
A TYNESIDE doctor is trading the stethoscope for a pugil stick as she takes up her role as a star on television show Gladiators as Amazon.
I remember when my hair was darker and I had occasion to use a pugil stick on a practice bayonet range.
During the first day alone, the teams completed a Ranger Physical Readiness Assessment, push up and chin up event, pugil stick competition, spot jump, machine gun and stress shoot, litter carry and 20-mile foot march.
Forgetting to take my pugil stick (the giant cotton bud we use in Gladiators) to the office.
Jet - real name Diane Youdale - features at number 16, which says: "Your sexual awakening being caused by a very bendy woman with a giant cotton bud," making reference to her Gladiator show "pugil stick".
The first day began at noon and consisted of a pugil stick competition and an 8-kilometer run in uniform.
Other events conducted during this week include: water confidence training, Malvesti obstacle course, 17 hours of hand-to-hand and rifle bayonet training, pugil stick fighting, airborne refresher training and jump, prepping of gear, initial leadership classes, patrolling classes, and a lot of running and retesting.