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Combative in nature. See Synonyms at belligerent.

[From Latin pugnāx, pugnāc-, from pugnāre, to fight, from pugnus, fist; see peuk- in Indo-European roots.]

pug·na′cious·ly adv.
pug·na′cious·ness, pug·nac′i·ty (-năs′ĭ-tē) n.
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Edwards has the pragmatism, resilience and pugnaciousness of Gatland's Wales coursing through his veins.
In his five-setter yesterday, he proved once again he has lost none of his pugnaciousness. But will it encourage him to go for more glory?
The decision to maintain the Guantanamo Bay prison too is indicative of Trump's pugnaciousness.
When Filipino action films were in season, filmmakers resorted to 'fighting' words in movie titles to 'punch-up' the 'must-see' pugnaciousness of their cinematic confrontations.
Make no mistake: For all their flamboyant pugnaciousness, the Christies and Trumps of the political world are chasing adulation every bit as much as their peers are maybe more so.
Like all the others of his party who appear on the small screen to defend their party with pugnaciousness, he must have his 'last word', which most anchors so obligingly offer, on any topic under discussion to establish that his party is never at fault-and to uphold Indian 'culture' as defined by the Sangh Parivar.
Whether admired for their audacity or feared for their pugnaciousness, the Skadden team brought fresh thinking that challenged conventional wisdom and changed the face of corporate America.
(226) Whatever may have caused this animosity-whether it was the reality that Judge Clark commuted from New Haven and was not a permanent presence in New York (unlike Judge Frank), (227) Judge Clark's own intellectual insecurities, (228) Judge Frank's style of argumentation, (229) Judge Hand's seeming endorsement of Judge Frank on most issues, (230) or Judge Clark's own pugnaciousness (231)--the fact of the matter remains that it influenced both the jurisprudence of the court and Judge Clark's philosophy and outlook on a number of issues.
They displayed--along with the more traditional female traits of endurance, courage, self-sacrifice and maternal care evident in their aid and public assistance work--the skills and concentration required of labor in factories and other demanding physical occupations, as well as certain "masculine" strengths and qualities of conviction, belligerency and pugnaciousness that tended to undermine, or even invert, traditional gender differences.
GENTLE READER: Snarling at people to mind their own business -- however justified by their nosiness -- would be a good way to convince people that your injuries were the result of your own pugnaciousness. Oddly enough, claiming that, with a cheerful "You should see the others -- and there were five of them,'' would have the opposite effect.
It seems that her undoubted qualities of ambition, pugnaciousness and tenacity are at the root of the problem.