or pug•gree

(ˈpʌg ri)

also pug•a•ree, pug•ga•ree

(-ə ri)

1. a light turban worn in India.
2. a scarf of silk or cotton, usu. colored or printed, wound round a hat or helmet and falling down behind as a protection against the sun.
[1655–65; < Hindi pagṛī turban]
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What I beheld approaching me, was a man with a leathery wrinkled face adorned by a patchy white beard, attired in a white cotton kurta and dhoti topped by a 'pugree' of the same neutral color.
About twenty years ago, he had acquired this tenancy right on payment of pugree. Can this amount be claimed as a deduction for calculating the capital gains tax liability?
Removing a person's turban off his head (pugree uchalna) is sign of insulting him, and dropping one's turban at someone's feet is sign of extreme humility and to seek forgiveness for an offence or to greet the feudal lord.