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 (po͞o′lə, -lä)
A city of northwest Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. Captured by Rome in 178 bc, it was a major naval station of the Habsburg empire and passed to Italy in 1919 and to Yugoslavia in 1947.


See Table at currency.

[Tswana, rain (used as greeting for good fortune).]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Botswana, divided into 100 thebe


(Croatian ˈpuːla)
(Placename) a port in NW Croatia at the S tip of the Istrian Peninsula: made a Roman military base in 178 bc; became the main Austro-Hungarian naval station and passed to Italy in 1919, to Yugoslavia in 1947, and is now in independent Croatia. Pop: 67 000 (2007 est). Latin name: Pietas Julia Italian name: Pola


(ˈpu lɑ)

n., pl. -la.
the basic monetary unit of Botswana.
[1976; < Tswana]


(ˈpu lɑ)

a seaport in NW Yugoslavia, on the Istrian Peninsula. 77,057.
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Noun1.pula - the basic unit of money in Botswana
Botswana monetary unit - monetary unit in Botswana
thebe - 100 thebe equal 1 pula in Botswana
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O ne a tlatsa ka go re fa pula e ne e sa diega balemi le bone ba lemile sentle, thobo e ne e tlaa nna e e nametsang mo Kgatleng le lefatshe la Botswana ka kakaretso.
The EBRD and Pula have been partners since 2006 when the Bank provided a first loan to the city's public transport company for the acquisition of green buses.
Drafting of the project documentation for the construction of the water infrastructure infrastructure of the part of the agglomeration pula centar.
DINO Footprint We were based at Villa Pupolo in the peaceful village of Poropati, an hour's drive from Pula.
One wonders to what extent Professor Pula actually read the work he was reviewing.
The Cabanatuan Police Drug Enforcement Unit and agents of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency raided the houses of Barangay Pula chairman Reynaldo delos Santos, 48, and of his son Billy Rey at 6:30 a.
Pula said there will be no change in the parking, launching and boat rental rates.
In addition, the Pula appreciated against the Japanese Yen and the Euro by 0.
To coincide with the route's launch pubs - including the Tap and Spile at Hexham, The Free Trade Inn in Byker, and The Brandling Villa in Gosforth - are holding Pula Pint Week offering customers the chance to win a pair of return flights to Pula, a brewery tour, or a case of beer.
Little can be expected from the veteran on his Pula debut.
Pula airport director Bruno Rogovic said: "Everything went according to an emergency plan.
And when Ryanair flew their inaugural flight into Pula from Stansted at the end of last month, mayor Boris Miletic, 31, was delighted.