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 (pŭl′krĭ-to͞od′, -tyo͞od′)
Great physical beauty and appeal.

[Middle English pulcritude, from Latin pulchritūdō, from pulcher, pulchr-, beautiful.]

pul′chri·tud′i·nous (-to͞od′n-əs, -tyo͞od′-) adj.
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formal or literary physical beauty
[C15: from Latin pulchritūdō, from pulcher beautiful]
ˌpulchriˈtudinous adj
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(ˈpʌl krɪˌtud, -ˌtyud)

physical beauty; comeliness.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin pulchritūdō beauty =pulchri- (comb. form of pulcher beautiful) + -tūdō -tude]
pul`chri•tu′di•nous, adj.
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physical beauty, especially that of women. — pulchritudinous, adj.
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Noun1.pulchritude - physical beauty (especially of a woman)
beauty - the qualities that give pleasure to the senses
curvaceousness, shapeliness, voluptuousness - the quality of having a well-rounded body
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[ˈpʌlkrɪtjuːd] N (frm, liter) → belleza f
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n (liter)Schönheit f
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References in classic literature ?
They writhed in their chairs to gaze around and over the impending form of Tildy, that Aileen's pulchritude might season and make ambrosia of their bacon and eggs.
these are names that are evocative of a generation of pulchritude. I have been privileged to meet all four within the last few weeks -- that is one of the perks of the reporter's job -- and can testify to their youth, vitality and a complete lack of the perceived Campbell temperament.
In Fecund, Alto, and Pulchritude (all works 2001) Howard has eliminated the notes of contrast she allows in the smaller canvases (lighter passages of white, yellow, or pink) and suppressed any diagonal movement of the poured paint in favor of a strictly vertical disposition.
Done up in black hair and jagged beard and backed by an all-but-silent bevy of supermodel cohorts, Branagh supplies all the vinegar he can to his Prussian-style villain, while Hayek is all sauciness and pulchritude as the ever-elusive Rita.
Still, among those who covered the annual parade of pulchritude, Miss India was regarded as a curiosity.
Urie said the song is "a tribute to the incomparable pulchritude of Filipino transgender women."
The toned-down strategy is in contrast to last year's rondele of parties, which was -- particularly in the case of the storied "Baywatch" beach brunch -- a bona fide testament to Hollywood pulchritude.
So many 'perfect' lookers have failed to survive the stellar selection process that it's become clear that, to attain stardom, a new talent has to have more than physical pulchritude going for him or her.
Composed by the group's road manager Urie Tesorio, the song pays tribute to the "incomparable pulchritude of Filipino transgender women."
Boasting "the finest specimens of manhood in the country" -- often ex-soldiers or drifters he'd picked up at the bus station -- his business marketed youthful male pulchritude via Physique Pictorial and countless sexually inexplicit 8mm reels ("I was a Teenage Bum") for four decades.
'Pinoy Beauty Queen Academy' feeds off the national fetish for 'perfect,' 'official' pulchritude.
Much is made of Martin's faltering physique as against company newcomer Rippy's pulchritude, and it is Rippy who plays all the women, including - yes - God.