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 (pŭl′krĭ-to͞od′, -tyo͞od′)
Great physical beauty and appeal.

[Middle English pulcritude, from Latin pulchritūdō, from pulcher, pulchr-, beautiful.]

pul′chri·tud′i·nous (-to͞od′n-əs, -tyo͞od′-) adj.
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Adj.1.pulchritudinous - used of persons only; having great physical beauty; "pulchritudinous movie stars"
beautiful - delighting the senses or exciting intellectual or emotional admiration; "a beautiful child"; "beautiful country"; "a beautiful painting"; "a beautiful theory"; "a beautiful party"




[ˌpʌlkrɪˈtjuːdɪnəs] ADJ (frm or liter) → bello
Los premios Pulitzer se conceden anualmente en Estados Unidos a trabajos periodísticos, literarios y musicales excepcionales, y gozan de un enorme prestigio. En periodismo se conceden trece premios, entre ellos los destinados al periodismo de investigación y crítica. En literatura existen seis categorías, entre las que destacan las de novela, poesía y teatro. Los premios llevan el nombre del editor periodístico norteamericano Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911), quien inicialmente aportó el dinero de los premios.
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What I'm learning, besides the fact that we're a pulchritudinous lot, is that each film heroine who emerges as lesbian comes from a creator--a writer, director, or actor--crafting their own version of the lesbian narrative.
And today's top stars did not escape The Sleuth's net, as evidenced by rare examples of All Things Kardashian as well as autographed nudes and worn bras from ScarJo to LiLo{Johansson to Lohan} and 'The Legion of Jennifers' -- the single most popular name for newborn American girls every single year from 1970 through 1984 and now coming to the fore a quarter century later in the fine 'forms' of Aniston, Garner, Lopez, Lawrence and Love Hewitt (a pulchritudinous 'Party of Five' indeed)!
Additional titles such as "The Pulchritudinous Children of October Snow" and "RuRu & Rudy" are also scheduled to be released in 2014/2015.
But the on-screen romantic story of Cleopatra and Antony spilled over into real life once the pair started working together and Burton later revised his opinion calling her: "The most astonishingly self-contained, pulchritudinous, remote, removed, inaccessible woman I had ever seen.
The magnificent and pulchritudinous 78 square meters Flag of Pakistan has been engraved on a wall and was unveiled by Senator Sehar Kamran, Principal of the School and H.
In a brief piece after his death, the New York Times profiled him as a neighborhood character, referring to his photographs of sunbathers, cruisers, and homeless kids on the West Side piers--but the paper did not, of course, reproduce riskier images of pulchritudinous booty, sex acts in progress, or corpses fished from the Hudson.
This book filled with a plethora of pulchritudinous black and white photographs is the result of Hall's familiarity and fondness for both cities.
Flicking through my back catalogue of Daily Records from the past fortnight (great to have you on board, Mr Galloway, but what the hell does sanguefreddo, amanuensis and pulchritudinous mean?
All of a sudden we got very pulchritudinous, wanting privacy on the john and room freshener.
Whatever else, nobody could accuse the Angels of subtlety as they combine girlie giggling and pulchritudinous pouting with martial-arts mayhem.
Indeed, a suppressed homoerotic framework structures the whole novel; Eca's narrator reveals, through possessive epithets and pulchritudinous appellations, the object of his desire, a 'belo Jacinto' who is repeatedly the principe' of the besotted Jose Fernandes.