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 (po͝ol′ē, pyo͞o′lē)
n. pl. pu·lis or pu·lik (po͝ol′ēk, pyo͞o′lēk)
A dog of a medium-sized breed developed in Hungary to herd sheep, having a solid-colored coat of long hair that forms woolly cords.



(ˈpjuːlɪ; ˈpʊlɪ)
(Breeds) a breed of Hungarian sheepdog having a very long dense coat, usually black, that hangs in strands with a ropey or corded appearance
[Hungarian, literally: leader]


(ˈpʊl i, ˈpyu li)

n., pl. pu•lik (ˈpʊl ik, ˈpyu lik)
one of a Hungarian breed of medium-sized sheepdogs having long, fine hair that often mats, giving the coat a corded appearance.
[1935–40; < Hungarian, alter. of pudli poodle, shortening of earlier pudlikutya, partial translation of German Pudelhund; see poodle]
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