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intr.v. puled, pul·ing, pules
To whine; whimper.

[Perhaps from French piauler, of imitative origin.]

pul′er n.
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He laughed gaily, showing his even teeth, and puling his cap over the thin place, went out and got into his carriage.
"He will sow his wild oats," she would say, "and is worth far more than that puling hypocrite of a brother of his."
'And the place, the crazy hole, wherever it was, in which miserable drabs brought forth the life and health so often denied to themselves--gave birth to puling children for the parish to rear; and hid their shame, rot 'em in the grave!'
At this bitter sight Maimie stopped blankly, as if all her lapful of darling treasures were suddenly spilled, and then for very disdain she could not sob; in a swell of protest against all puling cowards she ran to St.
This was the man who had been the main instrument in forcing his sister to wed me; well knowing that her heart was given to that puling boy.
Inguito powered in front with the quickest time of 1 minute and 56.33 seconds in the second lap, briefly lost the lead twice before puling ahead of RR Espiritu going to the eighth and last lap and topping the Expert class of the FDR Philippine Underbone King series.