pulmonary anthrax

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Noun1.pulmonary anthrax - a form of anthrax infection acquired by inhalation of dust containing Bacillus anthracispulmonary anthrax - a form of anthrax infection acquired by inhalation of dust containing Bacillus anthracis; initial symptoms (chill and cough and dyspnea and rapid pulse) are followed by extreme cardiovascular collapse
anthrax - a disease of humans that is not communicable; caused by infection with Bacillus anthracis followed by septicemia
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anthracis Colony on blood agar Mucoid and orange Gray-white to white Spore production - + (central) Motility + - Hemolysis on blood agar - - Penicillin susceptibility + + Catalase production + + Indole production - - Growth at 4[degrees]C + - Anaerobic growth + + Cutaneous infection Ulcer, black eschar, Eschar, malignant blister pustule Other infections None reported Intestinal anthrax, pulmonary anthrax, meningitis * +, present; -, absent.
Doctors in the Borders have been trying to trace anyone recently connected with Christopher "Pascal" Norris, who is thought to have died from pulmonary anthrax on July 8.
Last night, NHS Borders confirmed they received results from tests at the Porton Down medical labs by Thursday, August 10, showing he had died of pulmonary anthrax.
The musical instrument maker is thought to have caught rare pulmonary anthrax after inhaling spores from skins he used to make bongo drums.
BULLETIN BOARD: IRBO) , today announced further results from pre-clinical tests of Viprovex(TM) for possible use to treat the effects of pulmonary anthrax infection.
No cases of pulmonary anthrax have occurred since 1975.
There are only 250 medical toxicologists in the United States and most infectious disease experts have never treated a case of pulmonary anthrax or smallpox.
Pulmonary anthrax is treatable, however, if the infection is detected early enough.
Their fears have been fuelled by the diagnosis of pulmonary anthrax in a member of staff at the State Department's sorting office in Virginia - 20 miles from the centre of the worst outbreak in Washington.
AMERICAN authorities were today waiting for test results on six people suspected of having pulmonary anthrax - the most lethal form.
Both men worked at the central sorting office in the capital where two of their colleagues were last night confirmed as having died of pulmonary anthrax earlier this week.
A FEMALE postal worker in New Jersey is now suspected of having contracted pulmonary anthrax.

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