pulmonary circulation

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Noun1.pulmonary circulation - circulation of blood between the heart and the lungspulmonary circulation - circulation of blood between the heart and the lungs
circulation - movement through a circuit; especially the movement of blood through the heart and blood vessels
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NASDAQ: TENX) has published positive preclinical data from a study of levosimendan in the March 1, 2018 issue of Pulmonary Circulation, the company said.
Tenax Therapeutics announced the publication of a positive preclinical study of levosimendan conducted by Hansen et al in the March 1, 2018, issue of Pulmonary Circulation.
8 These thrombi can embolize causing compromise of pulmonary circulation leading to severe hypoxia and sudden cardiac death.
The recommendations were produced by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Working Group on Aorta and Peripheral Vascular Diseases and Working Group on Pulmonary Circulation and Right Ventricular Function.
Bronchial hyperreactivity in patients with moderate pulmonary circulation overload.
Because of the obstruction of pulmonary circulation and the pulmonary vasoconstriction which was caused by hypoxia, in our study, the EVLWI showed decrease significantly at ROSC immediately.
Primary neoplasms of the pulmonary circulation are extremely rare.
com)-- Vascular BioSciences announces publication of "Assessment of microRNA and gene dysregulaton in pulmonary hypertension by endoarterial biopsy" in the current issue of Pulmonary Circulation, Volume 7, Number 2, April to June 2017, pp.
Collateral arteries have also been described as persistent, abnormally dilated arteries that connect the bronchial arteries to the pulmonary circulation secondary to external factors such as hypoxia, trauma or inflammation.
PAH occurs when the pulmonary circulation pressure is higher than normal, a condition caused by diseases (such as heart or lung disease and lung artery disease), hereditary factors and a variety of pathogens.
The systemic and pulmonary circulations of the fetus function in parallel, where both ventricles essentially eject blood into the aorta and use the foramen ovale and ductus arteriosus to bypass the pulmonary circulation.