pulmonary circulation

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Noun1.pulmonary circulation - circulation of blood between the heart and the lungspulmonary circulation - circulation of blood between the heart and the lungs
circulation - movement through a circuit; especially the movement of blood through the heart and blood vessels
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This allows the safety valve to be maintained in the event of increasing pressure in the pulmonary circulation and the development of pulmonary hypertension.
To the Editor: Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a hemodynamic disorder with elevated pressure of pulmonary circulation. Genetic studies in familial PAH (fPAH) and idiopathic PAH (iPAH) have discovered that transforming growth factor-[sz] (TGF-[sz]) superfamily plays an important role, and the identified mutations occur inbone morphogenetic protein type 2 receptor( BMPR2 ), activin receptor-like kinase type 1 ( ALK1 ), Endoglin , and SMAD9.
(3) This phenomenon occurs due to the leakage of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) cement (a rapidly setting bone cement injected under fluoroscopic or CT guidance), (3) through the vertebral venous plexus when injected in an extremely liquid state or by applying excessive pressure, leading to cement migration through the inferior vena cava and the azygos system to finally reach the pulmonary circulation (pulmonary arteries).
Hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction (HPV) is a protective and self regulating mechanism of the pulmonary circulation system in hypoxia, which can greatly reduce the proportion of the pulmonary blood flow to the cardiac output, and improve the pulmonary blood flow under ventilation, and stabilize the PaO2.3,4 HPV can be influenced by various factorssuch as different anesthesia and drugs,5 however, there is limited robust information about how HPV regulate itself independently and pathological changes of one lung ventilation up to three hour, especially under different anesthesia.
(NASDAQ: TENX) has published positive preclinical data from a study of levosimendan in the March 1, 2018 issue of Pulmonary Circulation, the company said.
(4) Batson's venous plexus is located between deep pelvic veins and internal vertebral veins, and through this plexus, embolus-forming carcinoma cells entering the intravascular system can reach the head and neck region without going through the pulmonary circulation (4).
Tenax Therapeutics announced the publication of a positive preclinical study of levosimendan conducted by Hansen et al in the March 1, 2018, issue of Pulmonary Circulation. The study found that chronic administration of levosimendan improved right heart function.
Fontan procedure, or cavo-pulmonary circulation is surgical bypass of the right ventricle to divert systemic venous blood directly to pulmonary circulation. The procedure, introduced in late 1960s, was suggested in an effort to provide cure for atretic tricuspid valve (26).
The pathophysiology of NPE is not well understood, but it is postulated that autonomic sympathetic discharge from a CNS injury likely affects systemic and pulmonary circulation by influencing pulmonary capillary pressure and permeability, resulting in pulmonary edema [2, 5, 6].
Fluck et al., "Effect of increased blood flow on pulmonary circulation before and during high altitude acclimatization," High Altitude Medicine & Biology, vol.
In the normal pulmonary circulation, previous studies have shown that the rise in PAPm as a response to a rise in left atrial pressure (LAP) is nonlinear and is highly affected by mean alveolar pressure [8-10].
(1) Transposition of great arteries: the morphologic left ventricle is connected to the pulmonary artery (PA) and pulmonary circulation; the hypoplastic right ventricle is connected to the aorta and systemic circulation.