pulmonary congestion

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Noun1.pulmonary congestion - congestion in the lungs
congestion - excessive accumulation of blood or other fluid in a body part
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Specifically, they had less water accumulation in the lungs - meaning less pulmonary congestion, responsible for causing shortness of breath in human patients - and lower levels of biomarkers of heart failure.
A second chest radiograph showed developing pulmonary congestion, and she required intubation and mechanical ventilation.
She also exhibited diffuse pulmonary congestion and bilateral pleural effusion.
Patients having clinical or radiological evidence of pulmonary congestion were excluded from the study.
A chest X-ray showed an enlarged cardiac shadow and pulmonary congestion. Blood cultures were negative.
The sum of all B lines detected over the front and lateral sides of the chest represents the B line score (BLS), a numerical marker of pulmonary congestion [8].
Hemodynamically significant-CHD (HS-CHD) with pulmonary congestion poses a higher risk for LRTI and hospitalizations.
In pulmonary congestion, the juxtacapillary J-receptors come into play to initiate dyspnoea.
A tapir died in 2016 due to pulmonary oedema and pulmonary congestion.
However, in patients with the abnormality of pulmonary vein, expanding the pulmonary artery may promote pulmonary congestion and therefore may not allow the establishment of good Fontan circulation.