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1. A soft moist shapeless mass of matter.
a. The soft moist part of fruit.
b. Plant matter remaining after a process, such as the extraction of juice by pressure, has been completed: apple pulp.
3. The soft pith forming the contents of the stem of a plant.
4. A mixture of cellulose material, such as wood, paper, and rags, ground up and moistened to make paper.
5. The soft tissue forming the inner structure of a tooth and containing nerves and blood vessels.
6. A mixture of crushed ore and water.
a. A publication, such as a magazine or book, containing lurid subject matter: "The pulps took the mystery story out of the parlors ... and onto the 'mean streets'" (Tony Hillerman).
b. Lurid or sensational writing or subject matter: made a good living writing pulp.
v. pulped, pulp·ing, pulps
1. To reduce to pulp.
2. To remove the pulp from (coffee berries).
To be reduced to a pulpy consistency.

[Middle English, from Latin pulpa, fleshy parts of the body, fruit pulp.]

pulp′i·ness n.
pulp′ous (pŭl′pəs), pulp′y adj.
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Noun1.pulpiness - a mushy pulpy softness
softness - the property of giving little resistance to pressure and being easily cut or molded
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But the doctor was much the more respectable-looking man of the two; his baldness was more intellectual and benevolent; there was a delicacy and propriety in the pulpiness of his fat white chin, a bland bagginess in his unwhiskered cheeks, a reverent roughness about his eyebrows and a fullness in his lower eyelids, which raised him far higher, physiognomically speaking, in the social scale, than my old prison acquaintance.
It had the perfect level of sourness and pulpiness from fresh pomelo and calamansi, while the meat, slow-cooked Monterey Beef Shanks, was tender.
These efforts to lend some authenticity are overshadowed, though, by the ripe pulpiness of the story and by the skin on display.