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8) In the present case, the fracture line was extending subgingivally and the tooth was pulpless.
An in vitro study of the fracture resistance and the incidence of vertical root fractures of pulpless teeth restored with six post and core systems.
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This refers mainly to pulpless teeth bleached from the side of the pulp chamber using hydrogen peroxide, sodium perborate and urea peroxide.
18,16 Indeed, the resilience of pulpal tissue survival in necrotic and/or pulpless teeth has long been known.
Restoration of pulpless teeth application of traditional principles in present and future contestexts.
Procedure for treatment of exposed and pulpless decidous teeth.
Induced apical closure of immature pulpless teeth in monkeys.
1-5) The likelihood of a pulpless tooth surviving is directly related to the quantity and quality of remaining tissue.
They address treatment planning, treatment options, and materials used for restoration; the principles and methods of restoration and cementation, provisional restoration, and management of discolored endodontically treated teeth; various aspects of the management of severely damaged pulpless teeth; and treatment of complications and failures, including perforations, removal of posts and broken instruments from the root canal system, and crowns.