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v. pul·ver·ized, pul·ver·iz·ing, pul·ver·iz·es
1. To pound, crush, or grind to a powder or dust.
2. To overwhelm or defeat utterly: The visitors pulverized the home team.
To be ground or reduced to powder or dust.

[Middle English pulverizen, from Late Latin pulverizāre, from Latin pulvis, pulver-, dust.]

pul′ver·iz′a·ble adj.
pul′ver·i·za′tion (-vər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
pul′ver·iz′er n.
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Noun1.pulverization - a solid substance in the form of tiny loose particlespulverization - a solid substance in the form of tiny loose particles; a solid that has been pulverized
solid - matter that is solid at room temperature and pressure
2.pulverization - the act of grinding to a powder or dust
compaction, crunch, crush - the act of crushing
3.pulverization - annihilation by pulverizing something
annihilation, obliteration - destruction by annihilating something


[ˌpʌlvəraɪˈzeɪʃən] Npulverización f


nPulverisierung f



(ˈpalvəraiz) verb
to make or crush into dust or powder.
ˌpulveriˈzation, ˌpulveriˈsation noun
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'final pulverization of Heep'; and for the departure of the emigrants.
Given conditions, reasons include live possibilities of internal dissension, strife and civil war within because of deep obsession of Modi and its ideological parent organization RSS to establish Hindu domination after pulverization of other minorities in India.
The laboratory conducts all aspects of the sample preparation including drying and crushing to a minus 10 mesh screen size and the processing of a 300 gram sub sample for pulverization to a nominal minus 200 mesh size with the remaining crushed reject material being retained for storage.
It is suitable for micro-scale pulverization of all kinds of super-hard, high-purity and high value-added materials.
When it comes to containing the extent of pulverization, manufacturers are providing adjustable rotating tines and shield.
The increased particle strength and durability (nearly 3-5x the pulverization strength of silica sand) of ceramic media resists particle breakdown, enabling greater media reclamation and reuse, which results in reduced disposal and replacement costs.
But the agency eventually allowed the pulverization of the heritage structure designed by National Artist for Architecture Jose Maria Zaragoza.
23, 2018), "Enhancing the Physical Properties of Semi-Crystalline Polymers via Solid State Shear Pulverization," John M.
In each session, 1 stone was treated using either Regular or "Contact" Moses mode at laser settings of either (0.8 J/10 Hz) for stone fragmentation or (0.4 J/ 50 Hz) for stone pulverization. Urologists had at least 14 years of experience with holmium: YAG laser lithotripsy.
The abnormalities found were breaks, stickiness, endomitosis, gaps, fragments and pulverization (Figure 1).