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 (pŭl-vĕr′yə-lənt, -vĕr′ə-)
1. Made of, covered with, or crumbling to fine powder or dust.
2. Dusty; crumbly.

[Latin pulverulentus : from pulvis, pulver-, dust + -ulentus, abounding in.]


consisting of, covered with, or crumbling to dust or fine particles
[C17: from Latin pulverulentus, from pulvis dust]
pulˈverulence n


(pʌlˈvɛr yə lənt, -ˈvɛr ə lənt)

1. consisting of dust or fine powder.
2. crumbling to dust or powder.
3. covered with dust or powder.
[1650–60; < Latin pulverulentus dusty =pulver- (s. of pulvis) dust + -ulentus -ulent]
pul•ver′u•lence, n.
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Consisting of small particles:
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Supply and delivery of chemical reagents (lime, soda, hydrochloric acid, ammonia) for the household waste incineration plant in dijon mtropole lot 1: pulverulent dry lime in bulk for an annual quantity of 250 t minimum and 1000 t maximum.
The method comprises preparing a mixture of powders comprising at least one dimethicone-treated filler and at least one pigment; mixing the mixture of powders with a lipophilic gel comprising a mixture of ethylene/propylene/styrene and butylene/ethylene/styrene copolymers dispersed in a fatty phase comprising a non-volatile oil selected from the group consisting of hydrogenated polyisobutene, isononyl isononanoate and jojoba seed oil into a homogenous pulverulent mass comprising 75-98% of the mixture of powders by weight of the composition, and compacting the homogenous pulverulent mass with a compacting force between 50 and 150 bar to prepare a compacted bonded powder.
The reactive in situ approach can produce also pulverulent polyamide-based materials that can be used for the preparation of all-polyamide laminate composites by powder impregnation.
Properties BA-1 BA-3 DO-2 Specific density (g [cm.sup.-3]) 2.84 2.90 2.69 Unit weight (g [cm.sup.-3]) 1.53 1.53 1.42 Maximum size (mm) 19 19 19 Fineness modulus 6.98 7.73 6.96 Content of pulverulent 0.77 0.52 0.33 materials (%) Table 2.
Telia generally abaxial, rarely amphigenous, on leaves and petioles, globose, blackish brown, scattered, pulverulent, 0.5-1.6 x 0.4-0.6 um.
Gleba grayish black cottony to powdery pulverulent. Sterile base absent.
This romantic ruin with its unique miraculously standing column is unfortunately too fragile to enable excavations to take place without an expensive restoration of the pulverulent blocks of sandstone."
Where possible, cataracts should be described by their morphological type, eg, central pulverulent, nuclear, posterior, lamellar, sutural, anterior polar, membranous and blue dot cataracts.
48 (in Section II, Chapter VI: Of the Materials Which Are Added to Lime, in the Formation of Mortar or Calcareous Cements): "Pouzzolana, properly so called, is a volcanic matter, pulverulent, of a violet red colour, first dug out of the earth by the Romans near the town of Pouzzol, not far from Vesuvius."
Kaolinite (called Steinmark by the miners) is a minor constituent of the ore veins, having been found there both as pulverulent and hardened forms.
In 1912 he determined that the faint Merope Nebula in the Pleiades had the same spectrum as the Pleiades stars themselves, the first proof of a reflection nebula made of interstellar dust ("pulverulent matter," he called it).