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n. pl. pum·me·los
Variant of pomelo.
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Noun1.pummelo - southeastern Asian tree producing large fruits resembling grapefruitspummelo - southeastern Asian tree producing large fruits resembling grapefruits
pomelo, shaddock - large pear-shaped fruit similar to grapefruit but with coarse dry pulp
genus Citrus - orange; lemon; lime; etc.
citrus tree, citrus - any of numerous tropical usually thorny evergreen trees of the genus Citrus having leathery evergreen leaves and widely cultivated for their juicy edible fruits having leathery aromatic rinds
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From this source emerged 10 wild or "natural" species -- including the pummelo, wild mandarin, and a type of kumquat.
The adventures of Ash and his Pikachu take center stage in these illustrated titles, which include "The Four-Star Challenge", "Journey to the Orange Islands", "Psyduck Ducks Out", "Race to Danger", "Scyther, Heart of a Champion", "Secret of the Pink Pokemon", "Talent Showdown", and "Thundershock in Pummelo Stadium".
Lime and lemon trees had significantly greater infestation rates of D floridanus compared with infestation on grapefruit, tangerine, tangelo, sweet orange, and pummelo trees.
Liu, Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of the Essential Oil from the Peel of Shatian Pummelo (Citrus Grandis Osbeck), Int J.
Modelling of rheological behaviours of pummelo juice concentrates using master-curve.
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In Asian countries citrus fruits such as lime (Citrus microcarpa and Citrus aurantifolia) lemon (Citrus limon) and pummelo (Citrus grandis) are commonly available and regularly consumed as fruit whole fruit juices and as preserved snacks.
Limes are apparent hybrids of citron and papedas (Scora 1975) or trihybrid cross of citron pummelo and Microcitrus (Barrett and Rhodes 1976).
Lemons and Oranges are famous but there are many citrus fruits found in the world namely Kinnow Lime Mandarin Grapefruit Minneola Satsuma Pummelo and Sweety.
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