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Noun1.pump action - action mechanism in a modern rifle or shotgun; a back and forward motion of a sliding lever ejects the empty shell case and cocks the firearm and loads a new round
action mechanism, action - the operating part that transmits power to a mechanism; "the piano had a very stiff action"
rifle - a shoulder firearm with a long barrel and a rifled bore; "he lifted the rifle to his shoulder and fired"
scattergun, shotgun - firearm that is a double-barreled smoothbore shoulder weapon for firing shot at short ranges
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You'll have a large range of the latest pump action Nerf weapons to choose from - and unlimited ammo.
They recovered two hand grenades, one 7MM rifle, one 12-bore pump action gun, one 30-bore machinegun, one 38-bore revolver, one point 22-pistol with magazine, one 30-bore pistol, one 9MM pistol, two 9MM SMGs, 20 30-bore pistols with magazines, two 9MM pistols, two 8MM rifles with magazines, and 146 rounds of different types.
The police also recovered illicit weapons-a Kalashnikov, 6 pistols 30 bore, a pistol 9MM, a repeater 12 bore, a pump action, a gun, 152 rounds, 56 cartridges, 1.
The police also claimed to have recovered 73 motorcycles, two rifles, pistol, Pump Action, three kilogram of Charas, 153 liters of liquors from suspects' possession.
A few special runs were made by Winchester and by the Miroku Browning manufacturing facility in Japan, but the legendary pump action was never produced in large numbers after 1964.
For 2014, dealers will receive a free Model 500 Pump Action shotgun (#50577) with every 10-gun package purchased.
At least the Colt Lightning was a pump action, whereas Marlins and Kennedys were also lever actuated.
For his part, Warrant Officer, Peters Halaweh, said they were on a mission when they were ambushed and fire against them started from Kalashnikovs and Pump action guns; however, they could arrest the terrorists.
Instead of stopping and starting as water levels fluctuate, the ZW Vertical Slurry Pump's top-and bottom-suction design allows it to run continuously in a "snore condition" to provide more consistent pump action and to reduce pump stress.
However, it could also function as a conventional pump action.
It has a great pump action applicator, the cream is easily absorbed, but despite being an indulgent treat, it didn't actually make much difference to puffy eyes.