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Noun1.pump action - action mechanism in a modern rifle or shotgun; a back and forward motion of a sliding lever ejects the empty shell case and cocks the firearm and loads a new round
action mechanism, action - the operating part that transmits power to a mechanism; "the piano had a very stiff action"
rifle - a shoulder firearm with a long barrel and a rifled bore; "he lifted the rifle to his shoulder and fired"
scattergun, shotgun - firearm that is a double-barreled smoothbore shoulder weapon for firing shot at short ranges
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Speaking to ANI, BSF Deputy Commandant Kunwar Singh Mehto said that the BSF has been using 12 bore pump action gun and types of hand grenades like stun, chilli and dye under the policy.
Police said on Tuesday that during a continued drive against drug pushers and criminals, the teams of different police stations conducted raids at various areas under their jurisdiction and arrested 5 accused and recovered 450 gram Hashish, 40 bottles of liquor, 2 pistols 30 bore, a rifle 12 bore Pump action and a gun from them.
The suspect, Bright Duah, who officially reported himself to the police after the shooting, alleged that about eight men armed with a pump action gun and cutlasses attacked and shot at him on a piece of land at Mpota.
The price for a 12-Bore Pump Action Mossberg USA had been fixed at Rs150,000, Rifle Semi-Automatic 7.62 mm China had been fixed at Rs130,000 while the price for a local made 12-Bore Pump Action and the price for MG-3 with accessories had been fixed at Rs338,000.
According to the police, PS Motara managed to arrest Danish, Nadeem and Imran besides recovering 25-liter liquor and a pistol, a pump action and bullets.
The materials designed for peristaltic pump tubing are said to provide the elasticity required to keep pace with rapid pump action and the durability needed for the tubing to retain its shape and remain intact over time.
Ayodeji, who works in the Registry Department of the Polytechnic, was alleged to have been found with one pump action gun and three life cartridges during a police raid on his residence early this year.
The optics-ready TROYPAR A2 (Pump Action Rifle) features a full TRX2-style top rail with integrated pump action for accuracy in a practically recoilless system.
You'll have a large range of the latest pump action Nerf weapons to choose from - and unlimited ammo.
They recovered two hand grenades, one 7MM rifle, one 12-bore pump action gun, one 30-bore machinegun, one 38-bore revolver, one point 22-pistol with magazine, one 30-bore pistol, one 9MM pistol, two 9MM SMGs, 20 30-bore pistols with magazines, two 9MM pistols, two 8MM rifles with magazines, and 146 rounds of different types.
At least the Colt Lightning was a pump action, whereas Marlins and Kennedys were also lever actuated.