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Noun1.power failure - equipment failure resulting when the supply of power fails; "the ice storm caused a power outage"
equipment failure, breakdown - a cessation of normal operation; "there was a power breakdown"
blackout - the failure of electric power for a general region
flame-out - the failure of a jet engine caused by an interruption of the fuel supply or by faulty combustion
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It started with a pump failure early on the morning of March 28, 1979.
The complications like lacrimal pump failure, canthal erosion and canthal cheese wiring which are common in external DCR was not seen in our study [Table 1].
Invasive plant life can foul propellers, jam impellors and cause bilge pump failure. Mussels can attach to boats and negatively affect performance, attach to engines causing component failure, and obstruct water lines causing system failure.
Flowserve, a manufacturer and aftermarket service provider of flow control products and services, uses real-time sensors with AR to predict pump failure, show the exact steps for making the fix, and share management analytics.
Further studies are needed to fully understand the mechanism of LV pump failure and develop strategies to ameliorate heart failure by modifying factors responsible.
In the case of the molder, the MachineSense technology predicted pump failure days before the device actually went down, notes Conrad Bessemer, Novatec CEO.
"If not managed and handled well, cases like these may put a patient at high risk such as bleeding, pump failure, clotting of blood," elaborated Dr Halawa.
To simulate a pump failure mode, the device that allows pressing of the valve seat directly on the running pump was used.
* Pump users should have spare vials of short acting and basal insulin with syringes as a stand by,in case of pump failure
Pump failure at oil production facilities --be it in the Persian Gulf or the Mexican Gulf--are an occupational hazard, resulting in halted production and the loss of several thousand dollars of revenue and productivity for the business.