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Prostate Cymru will offer one-off grants relating to prostate diseases to fund small projects or act as a 'pump priming' grant to stimulate larger projects.
The donations go to keep the unit at the leading edge of advances in heart care for our patients, and we are proud of having financed the pump priming of many new techniques such as TAVI (transcatheter aortic valve implantation) which has become funded properly by commissioners after the evident success and patient benefit shown by our team, which is now acknowledged as the exemplar site for the North for this procedure.
Jardeleza has asked the high court to dismiss the petition against DAP, arguing that the government had already halted its implementation in mid-2013 because it had allegedly succeeded in pump priming the economy.
The decision to join talks on the TPP will launch the "third arrow" in Abe's policy triad following the fiscal pump priming and hyper-easy monetary measures he has pushed since returning to office in December after his Liberal Democratic Party's big election win.
IT WILL take months before the top of the housing market can benefit from the government's pump priming of the bottom end, according to Tom Dennes, head of CP Bigwood's Stratfordupon-Avon based country homes division.
Almost 50% is down to the bank bail out and the pump priming the Government undertook to make this recession shallower than the ones in the 1980s and 1990s.