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Lower interest rates and pump-priming are a perfect combination to reinvigorate the economy.
Beneath the government rhetoric of addressing the housing problem and pump-priming 'starter homes', rented housing provided by the public sector is coming to an end.
"The 9 percent VAT rate was a pump-priming exercise," Noonan told parliament last week.
The size of the supplementary budget is the biggest since fiscal 2009, when the government of then Prime Minister Taro Aso of the LDP compiled a 14.7 trillion yen extra budget to fund pump-priming measures in the wake of the global financial crisis triggered by the collapse of U.S.
The indicator of whether respondents are considering buying new durable goods slid to 42.0 from 42.6, the fifth straight monthly decline, reflecting the fading pump-priming effects of the government's emergency programs.
Despite public-private partnerships, some pump-priming and many site visits major investment has been slow to materialise.
The call came as the Con/Lib-Dem coalition rethinks the "industrial activism" pioneered by Labour in its dying years, which delivered pump-priming loans and grants to firms seen as vital for future growth.
These themes include a critique of limited Keynesian pump-priming policy responses and calls for states to impose stricter financial regulations.
Japan s state coffers are ridden with debt but the government has recently stepped up issuing bonds to finance a series of pump-priming measures amid the worst recession since World War II.
Chinese investment surged by more than expected in May on the back of government pump-priming and a recovery in the property sector, helping to offset persistent weakness in demand for its exports.
A large proportion of pounds 4 billion pump-priming money from the Government is being earmarked for improving bus tram and local rail services, a move that is expected to convince thousands of motorists to leave their cars at home and use public transport instead.