pumpkin ash

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Noun1.pumpkin ash - timber tree of central and southeastern United States having hairy branchlets and a swollen trunk base
ash tree, ash - any of various deciduous pinnate-leaved ornamental or timber trees of the genus Fraxinus
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Heat three produced the tightest finish of the event with Wayne Wrighting's PUMPKIN ASH (4-1), who clocked 30.72sec, getting the verdict in a three-way photo over Greenacre Milly and the unlucky Track Model.
Pumpkin Ash (307 points) and Swamp Chestnut Oak (435 points): Both of these trees are located in an 80-acre patch of remnant Mississippi River flood plain virgin forest protected in Big Oak Tree State Park in the extreme southeastern corner of Missouri.
Other native ashes include Fraxinus quadrangulata or blue ash and Fraxinus profunda, pumpkin ash, both from the eastern region of the United States.