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A small, usually rectangular board, used as a game of chance, that contains many holes each filled with a folded slip of paper that when punched out indicates a designated prize, win, or loss.
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(Gambling, except Cards) a board full of holes containing slips of paper, used in a gambling game in which a player attempts to push out a slip marked with a winning number
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(ˈpʌntʃˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

a small board containing holes filled with slips of paper printed with concealed numbers that are punched out by a player in an attempt to win a prize.
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Noun1.punchboard - a small board full of holes; each hole contains a slip of paper with symbols printed on it; a gambler pays a small sum for the privilege of pushing out a slip in the hope of obtaining one that entitles him to a prize
gameboard, board - a flat portable surface (usually rectangular) designed for board games; "he got out the board and set up the pieces"
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Moyer won this great Savage 99 in the early 1960s on a punchboard game of chance.
While teaching Dosier how to drive the track Cross directs him to the Check Point Hotel, where Dosier gets his first look at the "platoon punchboard." Dosier initially responds with disinterest, until he sees her face, at which he speaks almost sympathetically about her unattractiveness: "[...] I saw that she had pox scars from her forehead to the neckline of her blouse, like someone had beat on her with the business end of a wire brush, like she'd had acne vulgaris since the day after she was born.
That is, a class II game is defined as "a game of chance including (if played in the same location) bingo, pull-tabs, lotteries, punchboard, and other games similar to bingo, whether live or electronic, in which players bet against other players; an electronic game played on a 'linked' video gaming device that is connected to a central computer system" (AGA 2010).
Working in Braille on a punchboard and composing under his leather cloak in all manner of weather, Moondog wrote prolifically in a wide range of styles including avant-garde jazz, madrigals, canons for chamber orchestra, and symphonies for full orchestra.
You can't take a punchboard that's had 90% of the openings pushed out and expect that you're going to have the same enthusiasm for spending money as if you had a brand-new punchboard to work with.