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punch 1

1. A tool for circular or other piercing: a leather punch.
2. A tool for forcing a pin, bolt, or rivet in or out of a hole.
3. A tool for stamping a design on a surface.
4. A tool for making a countersink.
v. punched, punch·ing, punch·es
1. To make (a hole or opening), as by using a punch or similar implement.
2. To make a hole in (something), as by using a punch: The conductor punched my train ticket.
To pierce something; make a hole or opening: My foot punched through the ice.

[Middle English pounce, punche, from Old French poinçon, ponchon; see puncheon1. V., from Middle English pouncen, punchen, to prick, from Old French poinçoner, ponchoner, to emboss with a punch; see punch2.]

punch′er n.

punch 2

tr.v. punched, punch·ing, punch·es
a. To hit with a sharp blow of the fist.
b. To drive (the fist) into or through something.
c. To drive (a ball, for example) with the fist.
d. To make (a hole) by thrusting the fist.
a. Archaic To poke or prod with a stick.
b. Western US To herd (cattle).
3. To depress (the accelerator of a car) forcefully.
a. To depress (a key or button, for example) in order to activate a device or perform an operation: punched the "repeat" key.
b. To enter (data) by keying: punched in the number on the computer.
5. Baseball To hit (a ball) with a quick short swing.
1. A blow with the fist.
2. Impressive or effective force; impact. See Synonyms at vigor.
Phrasal Verbs:
punch in
1. To check in formally at a job upon arrival.
2. To enter data on a keypad or similar device.
punch out
1. To check out formally at a job upon departure.
2. To hit (someone) with a powerful punch, often so as to render unconscious.
3. Baseball To call (a batter) out on a third strike, often using a punching motion as a signal.
punch up
To enliven or enhance: punched up the report by adding some relevant cartoons.
beat to the punch
To make the first decisive move: a marketing team that beat all the competitors to the punch.
punch the clock
1. To register one's arrive or departure at a job.
2. To be employed at a job with regular hours.

[Middle English punchen, to thrust, prod, prick, from Old French poinçonner, ponchonner, to emboss with a punch, from poinçon, ponchon, pointed tool; see puncheon1.]

punch′less adj.

punch 3

A beverage of fruit juices and sometimes a soft drink or carbonated water, often spiced and mixed with a wine or liquor base.

[From Hindi pañc-, five, probably as used in pañcāmr̥t, a mixture of milk, yogurt, ghee, sugar, and honey used in Hindu ritual, from Sanskrit pañcāmṛtam : pañca, five; see penkwe in Indo-European roots + amṛtam, amrita.]


The quarrelsome hook-nosed husband of Judy in the comic puppet show Punch and Judy.
pleased as Punch
Highly pleased; gratified.

[Short for Punchinello.]


punching bag
n (US) = punchbag
punching power (Boxing) → Schlagkraft f
References in classic literature ?
I've seen 'm knocked out and clean batty, an' go on punching just the same.
But no one stopped it, and he was glad, punching on wearily and endlessly with his one arm, battering away at a bloody something before him that was not a face but a horror, an oscillating, hideous, gibbering, nameless thing that persisted before his wavering vision and would not go away.
Though he's no longer as busy as he used to, sometimes throwing over a thousand punches just like what he did in toppling Antonio Margarito six years ago, Pacquiao remains a punching machine.
Applications include punching holes in flexible materials such as films, nonwovens, hose, tubing, foam, rubber, laminates, etc.
It includes a turret punch press with punching force of 200 or 300 kN; a 2.
That's the challenge faced by Guy Graft, manager of CNC punching operations for Paris Precision Products, Paso Robles, CA.
32 cm) throat capable of punching a hole in the center of a 16-in.
As the cell door opened, Jacobs ran out of the cell and attacked Frey, wrapping his arm around Frey's neck and punching him in the face with his left fist, prison officials said.
These include a line of ergonomic punches, two of which--the LightTouch Desktop Punch and the Comfort Grip Light Duty Punch--feature Swingline's exclusive "Light Touch" lever handles, which are designed to make punching as much as 50% easier than comparable punches.
Until now, however, the many Ultre*Setters sold and installed by numerous output systems vendors produced full pages without registration punching, sending color separations to a stripping table in what might otherwise be a fully automated prepress environment.
Instead of filling out or punching timecards, employees simply place their hands on the HandPunch.
Features include 33 tons of hydraulic punching force, punching capacity up to 0.