puncture wound

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punc·ture wound

n. herida por perforación con un instrumento afilado.
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He also had "sharp force injuries" to his face, back and legs and puncture wounds to his head and back.
A jury at the High Court in Livingston heard agreed evidence on Friday that the cause of Annalise's death was a deep puncture wound to her neck which severed vital veins and arteries and caused death within a few minutes.
The victim was assaulted and as he made his way home he found a small puncture wound on his body.
Now there is a lump between the toes on another foot with no signs of a puncture wound.
"The victim suffered a small puncture wound, about 1cm wide, to his right hip, but we are unable to say at this stage what the injury was caused by.
He said: "When Dewey was first seen he appeared only to have a puncture wound.
The bacteria can enter the body through a tiny pinprick or scratch but prefer deep puncture wounds or cuts like those made by nails or knives.
Several passengers have apparently been treated for minor injuries, including one person suffering a puncture wound and a minor laceration to the head, while two others complained of back pain.
* bicycle accident resulting in a puncture wound to the neck
Cat bites don't have as much force behind them, but cause a deeper puncture wound. In essence, a cat bite drives the bacteria deeper into the skin and underlying tissues.
Johnson of the Milwaukee Public Museum described a healed puncture wound in the frill of a ceratopsian dinosaur.