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1. A source of opinion; a critic: a political pundit.
2. A learned person.
3. Hinduism Variant of pandit.

[Hindi paṇḍit, learned man, from Sanskrit paṇḍitaḥ, learned, scholar, perhaps of Dravidian origin.]

pun′dit·ry n.
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the expressing of expert opinions
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Let's have more time to watch the horses parading (the commentary from Ireland is informative) and less time with unnecessary punditry. One judge (July 11) told us they had laid the favourite at 2-7 (won 1-6) and had also backed another contender who was a well-beaten last of four.
HE first rule of punditry is to shout from the rooftops when your tips win.
He was best known for his flamboyant horse racing punditry, but had also appeared on shows including Question Time, The Weakest Link and Celebrity Big Brother.
Their appearance after England's defeat of Scotland prompted Sam to tweet: "Has there ever been a more beautiful and competent presenting and punditry team?"
Then, if I was him, I'd jack in the management game and go on the punditry circuit.
Ex-Ospreys star Lee, 38, currently does TV and radio punditry and works in the construction industry.
Merson's been called many things during his (whatever the opposite of illustrious is) punditry career, but at no point has his laziness, ineptitude or lack of professionalism ever been held up as a reason why no men should be allowed to talk about football on TV.
Running Match Of The Day And Other Adventures In Football And TV by Paul Armstrong (Sportsbookofthemonth.com price: PS18.99) "TOO much punditry delivered by imbeciles....
THIERRY HENRY is set to suffer a double-whammy - with a potential escape route back into punditry blocked.
OLE Gunnar Solskjaer expects to receive criticism from his former Manchester United team-mates who have made the transition into punditry.
He praised the former England captain's punditry, which he said some football fans labelled "bland".