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1. Affecting the organs of taste or smell with a sharp acrid sensation.
a. Penetrating, biting, or caustic: pungent satire.
b. To the point; sharp: pungent talks during which the major issues were confronted.
3. Pointed: a pungent leaf.

[Latin pungēns, pungent-, present participle of pungere, to sting; see peuk- in Indo-European roots.]

pun′gen·cy n.
pun′gent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.pungently - with pungency; in a pungent manner; "he wrote pungently about his contemporaries"
2.pungently - with a pungent taste or smell; "the soup was pungently flavored"
بصورةٍ لاذِعَه
stingandi, bragîsterkt
keskin bir şekilde


[ˈpʌndʒəntlɪ] ADV [smell] → acremente; [remark, write] → mordazmente


adv (lit, fig)scharf; smell alsostechend, durchdringend


[ˈpʌndʒəntlɪ] adv (gen) → aspramente; (seasoned) → in modo piccante; (remark) → causticamente


(ˈpandʒənt) adjective
(of a taste or smell) sharp and strong.
ˈpungently adverb
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The sweat ran from him, and the pollen-dust, settling pungently in mouth and nostrils, increased his thirst.
This thirst it appeared to be the design of my persecutors to stimulate: for the food in the dish was meat pungently seasoned.
The girl is mourning the death of the titular dad in this sharp-eyed French drama, pungently set in the harried world of indie filmmaking.
Characterized by its crystal-coated buds, which sometimes take on a purple hue, and its pungently sweet and spicy aroma, this strain relaxes the muscles and pacifies the mind into a dreamy euphoria.
This heaven is realized in compositional innovations which, to paraphrase Goethe, become "vividly felt" through languages (sometimes invented), chanting, shrieks, handmouth ululations, and deceptively simple melodies that float, butterfly-like, passing through stentorian chimes, blazing gamelans, and pungently urgent strings.
Any five minutes of the 2012 documentary on the Knights shows you that the real people this movie's based on are more rough-edged, and pungently compelling, than their comfortably scruffy movie counterparts.
"I'm all for people who care about the environment having an opportunity to express their views pungently and clearly," he said.
This may be the most pungently dissonant music on the disk, yet these songs are remarkably attractive and vocally gratifying.
It was written in response to a question posted on Twitter about snakes, and soon #doesitfart "spread pungently" across the web.
This was gorgeous, oozing with a pungently mature cheddar and lightened with a hint of spring onion.
Tried the Jalape[+ or -]o mustard and it was pungently spicy by itself, so the right measure and the right counterbalance ingredient led me through agave nectar and eventually to organic raw honey from Michigan.